6 Top Tips to Help You Keep Your Divorce Attorney Fees under Control

6 Top Tips to Help You Keep Your Divorce Attorney Fees under Control

For most spouses, finances are usually among the biggest worries and the divorce lawyer charges are a big concern. Most divorce lawyers charge an hourly flat rate figure and you will have to pay even if the meeting only takes you a minute or two of his or her time. Your phone bills will also increase if you call your lawyer every day. Here are a few tips to enable you to keep your expenses down with regards to legal fees.

Get a written legal fee agreement

Most divorce lawyers will charge you by the hour and before you begin the services, you will have to pay a deposit. The legal fees will be charged against this retainer until it is exhausted. When this happens, the client will be responsible for the extra charges that are incurred. You need to get a written fee agreement that clearly outlines your financial obligation with regards to your legal representation. Without a written agreement, you may end up paying for hidden charges that you may not know of.

Try negotiating for a settlement with your spouse

If you and your ex can communicate freely, then you can negotiate with him/her without the assistance of your attorney. Make sure that you clearly agree on the division of your marital property. This will help you to reduce the expenses of hiring an attorney and it will also help you avoid the cost of a mediation process ordered by the court.

Know everything your lawyer does

You will be charged by the lawyer for every call with you or anyone else involved in your case. You will also pay for every written communication pertaining to the case. Make sure your lawyer sends you a detailed monthly accounting of everything that you are paying for. You need to get dates and names of the phone calls and every written correspondence. Keeping track of everything will help you save on legal charges. Vanden Heuvel & Dineen offers the best legal services.

Be interested in your case

Most lawyers will respond quickly to clients who show interest in the progress of their case. Lawyers will always try to keep you informed about the progress of the case. However, if you are not sure, it is best to contact him/her. This will keep things moving smoothly and will avoid the costs of having a catch-up meeting to speed up later on.

Do some footwork

Lawyers and paralegals will spend lots of time gathering, organizing, and even preparing necessary documents for your case. Most attorneys will be happy to help their clients with their paperwork. However, you should remember that organizing your own documents will usually take you less time and effort than having somebody else in the law firm do it for you. For instance, if your attorney requests for different bank statements, medical documents, or email chains, you should gather these documents in order and clearly label them. This will save you time and money in the long run.

When hiring a legal representative for your case, it is good for you to be frugal. However, you should never think that you will save money by hiring a lawyer who charges a flat fee or a small fee. Worse is also hiring a lawyer who has very little experience because they will work for less. For you to get a reasonable settlement with your ex-husband or wife, you need an experienced lawyer. Make sure that you also keep the aforementioned tips in mind to ensure that your legal divorce charges are at the minimum.


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