5 Bass Fishing Lures You Need To Know

5 Bass Fishing Lures You Need To Know

Bass fishing is certainly a mental sport, as well as a physical one. You must have confidence in your cast, but as well as this, you must choose the correct equipment. Selecting the right lure has just as much importance as your own angling technique.

Luckily for avid gamefishers, more tackle is made for bass fishing than any other species of fish. There are new lure designs being constantly produced, but many don’t last long. It is the classic lures that are still the most popular amongst bass fishers.

There is also a variable difference in price, but don’t let that fool you. Just because something is more expensive, it doesn’t mean that it will assist you in being a more successful angler. If you are an experienced angler with good technique, then you should be able to yield results with cheaper lures, it mostly depends on your experience of bass fishing about which lure will work best for you.

Mostly, what you need to know is how the different bass lures work, so we’ve created this list of our five favourites for you to consider:

  1. Soft Plastic Worms

Plastic worms, or rubber worms, remain a top popular choice amongst bass fishers because of their attraction to the fish. They are lifelike enough to fool a bass, who will then take a bite and they feel like natural food. There are endless styles, sizes, and colours of rubber worms to choose from.

  1. Spinnerbaits

Second on our list of most useful lures are spinnerbaits. They attract the bass but can cover a lot of water as well. They are very effective baits, although not always the easiest to get to grips with for beginner bass anglers. However, with a little practice, these spinnerbaits can be very efficient at catching bass. There are certain techniques you can master with a spinnerbait, so it is all about choosing the correct one with the right weight.

  1. Topwater Lures

Although these are a little more difficult to use, we are pitching them at number three, mostly because of how much fun they are to use for gamefishers. Watching a bass leap out of the water to try and engulf their bait is certainly very enjoyable for any angler. Topwater lures are both fun, and very effective, although harder to get to grips with. But once you know how to use them, you’ll start to see why this kind of lures are excellent for bass fishing.

  1. Bass Jigs

This kind of lures also require a higher skills level than other types, but they are useful for catching bigger bass. If you are willing to invest the time mastering a type of lure, then you’ll find a bass jig to be the most effective one for getting big bites. You certainly need to be tuned in too, as detecting a bite is not always obvious. Bass jigs are always paired with a trailer, such as a Grass Pig being a popular option.

  1. Stickbait

For the ultimate all round casting, you can’t beat a decent stickbait. One of the best on the market for bass fishing is the Madscad range of Nomad fishing lures from Fish Head. These are particularly useful for fishing the coral reef flats. They are fairly easy to use and are likely to produce good results too.

These are our five favourite kinds of lure you can use for bass fishing, but which will be best for you depends on your technique and how you like to fish, and in which conditions. Also, if you want to really get out on the water and see which types of fish are in the middle of the lake, these are some of the best inflatable kayaks for you to review and make your selection with. Try a kayak and cast out further to find the big fish with that new lure of yours! Check out our fishing tool reviews and advice.


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