5 Lawn Care Services That Are Necessary for Grass in Florida

Lawn Care Services

If you live in Florida, keeping up your lawn throughout the year is important. Given the climate and weather extremes, you need to choose a lawn care company that will perform maintenance regularly. Not only should you keep your grass cut, but you also need to make sure it looks its best by having it fertilized and watered on a scheduled basis. When you maintain your lawn, you also increase the value of your property. You can add 10% to the value of your real estate. Taking care of your lawn is just as valuable as updates regarding curb appeal and making the most of owning a property. You should think about Lawn Care Services

What You Should Include in a Package for Lawn Service in North Port, FL

To ensure your lawn stands out in your neighborhood, you’ll need to plan ongoing lawn services. A package for lawn service North Port, FL, should include mowing, fertilizing, watering, weed control, and pest control.

1. Cutting the Grass

You should cut your grass regularly to keep your yard looking like a green carpet – pristine and thick. Cutting the grass at a certain height and in a certain pattern will make your yard look manicured, tidy, and neat. In addition to cutting the grass, your lawn care specialist can also mulch around bushes and shrubs, adding to your landscape’s lushness.

2. Lawn Care and Fertilization

You’ll also need to have your yard fertilized, so it maintains its verdant appearance. Fertilization is crucial to keep your lawn looking velvety and green. Your lawn care professional can schedule fertilization at times convenient to you. This part of lawn care is important if you want a healthy and thriving lawn.

3. Irrigating Your Yard

Along with mowing your grass and fertilizing it, you want to ensure it is watered at the right times and in the right amounts. A lawn care company can set up an irrigation system that can be coordinated with Florida’s weather system or rains. By using advanced technology, irrigation systems can supply less water whenever it rains.


4. Weed Control and Maintenance

Naturally, you don’t want to leave out weed control when perfecting the looks of a green landscape. Make sure you include this must-have service in your seasonal lawn care program.

5. Pest or Mosquito Control

Florida is home to 5 major types of mosquitoes. You might say that the “Sunshine State” is a haven for pests. That is why it is essential to include pest control in a lawn care program, especially one that annihilates mosquitoes. Mosquitoes breed anywhere near water. So, keeping on top of things and adding pest control to your lawn care program and package is essential.

Schedule Lawn Services Today

To ensure you receive ongoing lawn care services, you need to partner with a lawn care company that features a variety of services. Find a service provider interested in supporting all aspects of lawn care for your home or business. If you live or work in Florida, taking care of your yard is a priority.



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