Give Your Guests a Memorable Wine Tasting Experience

Give Your Guests a Memorable Wine Tasting Experience



When it comes to wine tasting, the experience is fun and allows you to know what type of wine do you prefer and which ones should you avoid. However, wine tasting is not just an activity, it is an art; and like every other art, wine tasting also needs to be mastered. With every wine tasting your knowledge and your grasp at this art keeps on improving!

Although for beginners and first timers, wine tasting might be a bit of a tricky job. A person needs to have a guide or a wine tasting expert who will help them to know the intricacies of this art and experience.

Now if you are hosting a wine tasting event or even a small gathering at your home which includes wine tasting, then there is a possibility that you might be a host to people who are beginners or even first-timers. Therefore it becomes essential for you to guide them through the process and help them have a  better experience.

So keeping this in mind here are a few tips, including tips from wine tasting experts and connoisseurs at HTF Wines, that you must explain to your guests who are new to this subtle activity. This will enable them to savour their wine the right way, and you will also earn some praise! (viagra)

Format – Let your guests, who are experiencing wine tasting first time, know about the type of the event that you are hosting. They must know about the various kinds of events such as an informal one where everyone just walks around tasting wines from multiple regions, or a more formal seated arrangement with wine servers.

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Encourage New Tastes – If you are hosting those guests that are a bit familiar with the concept, then you can assist them as well. They might tend to go for those picks that they have already tasted. Your work here is to encourage them, to go for those wines, which are new to them. You can introduce them to more unique tastes that will expand their palate, and help them find the wine they like the most.

Swallow or Spit – Tell them that the wine that are having is for tasting. They are going to taste various wines so they must make sure if they want to get drunk or not! However, if they’re going to swallow the wine, it’s completely alright, if not then point them towards the spitting bucket!

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Taking Notes – You can encourage them to take notes so that they are able to remember correctly how each wine tasted and what were the little points of differences, between them. It’s not easy to distinctly remember the taste of every wine, for those who are new at this activity and these notes might come in handy.

The Perfect Way – Since you are well versed with this part of tasting the wine correctly, you are the best one to teach the people who are new at this. The art and style of Tilt–Look–Swirl–Sniff–Sip–Swish–Savour–Spit is best learnt when seen and practised.

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Asking Questions – It is not possible for anyone who tastes wine for the for the first time to not have questions about it. So your job here is to encourage your new guests to start asking questions. This will not only help them out but will also allow them to expand their knowledge about the wine tasting experience.

Cleansing Palate – You must advise your guests to keep on cleansing their palates between every tasting. There is a chance that they won’t be able to make proper distinctions if the taste of the previous wine is still lingering in their mouths. You can also help in this by keeping water or an assortment of nibbles and crackers to alter the taste.

Cheese courses are elegant flavorful and easy to assemble.
Cheese courses are elegant flavorful and easy to assemble.


Holding It Right – Do guide your novice guests on how to hold the glass correctly. They must learn the fact that if they hold it by the bowl, not only will they have smudgy fingerprints on the glass but they will also increase the temperature of the wine, which might affect its taste and even the overall experience.

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Keeping A Check – Once your new guests are tasting wines, they might get carried away and start gulping in all those delicious wines, that might get them really drunk. You can suggest them that they can have the best experience, by slowly going through the process. Looking at the colour, taking in the aroma, and sipping in the wine, that’s all they need to go!

So, now you know what to do when you host a wine tasting, and some of your guests are novices. Make sure that they are comfortable and they enjoy the process. Do look forward to the incoming praise!


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