5 Things You Didn’t Know Could Improve Your Oral Health

5 Things You Didn't Know Could Improve Your Oral Health

For many of us, oral hygiene is something that we often overlook, however it is extremely important to take good care of our teeth and mouths. With small changes to your daily routine, you could start taking better care of your teeth in no time. If problems persist, a dentist or  orthodontist London service can always offer you help with your oral health problems allowing you to enjoy life pain-free, but taking care of your teeth in the meantime is a must. Here, we are going to look at five things that you didn’t know could improve your oral health and how they could have an impact.

Chewing Gum

By adding a dentist-approved chewing gum into your daily routine, you can help to massively improve your oral health. After all, it isn’t just an exercise for your jaw,  but it can also help to reduce the build-up of harmful bacteria and leave your breath fresh. This is beneficial to your overall oral health as it is something that can be carried around with you throughout the day and chewed after a meal, providing a brushing-like effect throughout your day.

Using A Straw

Whenever you are drinking anything other than water, it could be beneficial to use a straw as it is scientifically proven to reduce the impact that the drink has on your teeth. For example, if you are an icedcoffee drinker but do not want to stain your teeth, you can drink it through a straw as it will dramatically reduce the risk of staining to your front teeth! Using a straw is also beneficial if you suffer from tooth sensitivity as it will lessen the strain whilst enjoying your favourite beverage, giving you a healthy and happy smile while getting to enjoy your favourite drinks.


Yoghurt is beneficial to your oral health as it contains probiotics and healthy bacteria that are proven to be good for your mouth and gums. In addition to this, yoghurt also contains a large amount of calcium that, as you may well know, contributes to the overall strength of your teeth. By incorporating this treat into your diet even just once a month, it has the potential to increase your overall oral hygiene considerably! However, take note that the yoghurt that you select must be low in sugar and be of a natural favouring otherwise it can do more harm to your teeth than good.

Don’t rinse after you brush

Although down to personal preference, many believe that by not rinsing after you brush your teeth you will be improving your oral health. This is because the surface of the tooth is being worn away by the effect of the toothbrush, however if you rinse immediately after you are more likely to wash away the dentine and vital bacteria from your mouth that was developed through brushing, therefore causing more harm than good.

Raw Onion

Despite its smell, raw onion is very beneficial for improving overall oral hygiene as it contains good bacteria which can help to eliminate the harmful ones in your mouth. Adding raw onion into your lunch or dinner every day can be a small yet vital step to improve your oral health and the strength of your teeth and gums.

Each of these are just small things that you can add to your everyday routine, yet they can have a profound effect on your oral hygiene. By adding one of these to your routine, or even all of them, you are well on your way to having that picture perfect smile in no time!


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