6 Tips for happy guests at a wedding

6 Tips for happy guests at a wedding

Weddings are no less than a festival nowadays. From being a modest and memorable affair between the couples and their families, today, they are as much about the guests as the two individuals getting wed. The couples are paying attention to the minutest of details to ensure that their Big Day is remembered by their guests for all the good reasons.. 

So, follow these 6 tips to ensure that your guests stay happy at your wedding

  1. Accommodation

A wedding is where the invitees try their best to be a part of the big day of the couple. Hence, it’s your duty to give them a comfortable stay as they arrive at your wedding. So, while shortlisting a place to stay for your guests always remember the below-

  • Provide accommodations at different price options for them to pick the one that suits their budget
  • To avoid huge travel expense, make them stay closer to the venue
  • Ensure easy availability of cabs in that area so that people can reach on time

Therefore, whether you are sponsoring the complete or partial stay or not financing it at all, good accommodation for your guests makes them feel welcomed and cared for. Also, be considerate and plan for the comfort of the guests who wish to stay longer or head for a trip after, by notifying them about modern storage space providers like Adams SelfStore that can store any belongings safe for them.

  • Delectable Food

Apart from the ceremony, a wedding is often remembered by the food it serves. Thus, try not to cut down on the food cost. Also, go for a prior food tasting to ensure the quality and taste of the various dishes. Hence, when selecting the final menu, remember the below-

  • Avoid experimenting too much with the different cuisines as different people have different palettes and unfamiliar dishes can leave your guests hungry
  • Don’t forget your vegetarian guests, have enough for them
  • Having a couple of food items that kids enjoy, and
  • Mid-night snacks and desserts are a must if the party is going to last until the wee hours
  • Short Ceremony

We agree guests come to attend the ceremony and see the two people exchanging the vows. But let’s not hide, a long ceremony can tire people. Therefore, to keep people engaged, keep it short, with few and brief speeches. If your function will be in a different language, have a translator explain the rituals as they are performed so that the guests feel a part of it and do not wonder and thus, get bored.

  • Flowing Bar

Apart from the love of the couple, the three ingredients of a successful wedding are food, drinks and music. So, have an open bar for your guests. From, serving hard beverage or soft beverage keep the drinks flowing until the night ends. Also, for a thoughtful planning of the bar, try to negotiate with your venue to allow some liquor bottles from vineyards and outside retailers. Another way of keeping the drinks flowing in a budgeted manner is to limit the variety as the night progresses. This will ensure your friends and family get served until the end.

  • Right Mix of Music

As weddings guest are a mix of the old and the young generation so playing the right music that pleases both becomes essential. After all, it’s the music that keeps up the party going. After all, it’s the music that keeps the party going. So, have the DJ play a mix of old and new songs for all to enjoy and dance as if nobody’s watching.

  • Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are not crucial but considered a good gesture that means to thank the guests who could be a part of your special day. Thus, when selecting the back presents, opt for something that is useful or unique. Wedding favours can be anything from personalised candles, tote bags, photo frames to edible items like jams, cookies, cakes etc. Always remember, they need not be expensive but meaningful and heartfelt from the couple. 

Alternatively, let wedding guests leave their own mark on your special day by providing a unique guest book for everyone to leave heartfelt messages.  Although it’s not a physical gift that they’re leaving with, guest books allow guests to feel more connected to the couple, and that they were more than an observer– they were a participant!

To conclude, we say, make all guests feel important and well cared off as their presence at your special day is enough to prove their love for you. So, make them feel special and your wedding will be remembered for years to come.


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