The Areas of the Body that Are Best Treated with Coolsculpting

The Areas of the Body that Are Best Treated with Coolsculpting

This is a guest post, courtesy of Dr. Craig Crippen from DermMedica.

If you’re thinking of using non-invasive CoolSculpting treatments to eliminate body fat, you should know that it can’t effectively target all spots on your body. It was engineered to target certain types of fat and is most effective freezing away body fat in specific body areas. This is because the CoolSculpting mechanisms work best on surface fats. The fat must be close to the surface in order to safely freeze and kill fat skin cells. When you choose a part of your body to get trimmed and toned by CoolSculpting, you should consider these for the best results.


Due to genetics, many people have a problem with excess chin fat that can develop into a “double chin”. It is one of the hardest parts of the body to trim down using exercise, but thankfully CoolSculpting treatments are great at eliminating chin fat. There are even special “mini” attachments designed to fit and specifically target chin fat safely.

Upper Arms

The underside of your upper arms, where your triceps are, is one of the most common areas for saggy fat tissue that is perfect for CoolSculpting treatments. It is very popular among people as they get older, as aging causes tissue and fat build up on your upper arms and sag around your triceps. CoolSculpting treatments eliminate this fat so your arms look slimmer, tighter and toned. In addition to larger, full-hour treatments there are now also miniature applicators that can target smaller areas for shorter sessions.


The abdominal area is one of the main areas where body fat can accumulate for men and women of all ages. For men, it’s the beer gut — for women, it’s post-pregnancy fat. It can be difficult to get rid of all body fat in your stomach area by yourself, but thankfully it is one of the best body areas for CoolSculpting and one of the most popular requests. It helps people achieve flatter abs that they can really sculpt through further exercise. After 8 to 12 weeks most people who receive treatment see around a 21% reduction in stomach fat.

Waist & Hips

The waist and hips are similar to the stomach, in that they are a common place for your body to deposit built up fat, creating what are called “love handles”. Even with diet and exercise, it can be difficult to get rid of fat cells in this area, especially for women and people whose bodies can’t handle insulin properly. If you want a slimmer waist, it is arguably the best part of your body for CoolSculpting treatments to eliminate body fat.

Back Fat

Back fat is an issue for people as they age due to the multiple layers of different muscles in the back that begin to sag and loosen over time. Fat fills the new space, which causes bulges to appear. It tends to be more prominent in your lower back because of the proximity to your stomach and hips, which also accumulate fat more than most body areas. Unlike your stomach and waist, however, it is more difficult to shed the fat through exercise.

Outer & Inner Thighs

The thighs are another commonly requested area for treatments, but in general are not the best part of the body. That’s because your thigh tends to have more muscle and other tissue than the areas around your torso mentioned above. However, the inside and to a lesser extent the outside of your thighs are areas that can be effectively treated with CoolSculpting. It can help give you a thigh gap you haven’t had in years, and trim down your thighs so they look more cut and toned.

Lower Bottom

The butt is another area that is commonly requested for CoolSculpting, but for the most part, is not the best area for treatment due to the amount of other tissue and muscle it holds. However, the underside of your bum is usually one of the areas that CoolSculpting treatment is most effective. This is a popular treatment for women after giving birth when they want to shed the lingering fat tissue. Treatments can help cut down the saggy, loose fat so your bottom looks more rounded, smooth and toned. It may also help shape the loose vagina and tighten that area.

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The Areas of the Body that Are Best Treated with CoolsculptingAbout the Author

Born and raised in Ottawa Ontario, Dr Crippen has attended three Canadian Universities and obtained four educational titles including his Doctor of Medicine (M.D.). After receiving his M.D. from the University of Western Ontario in 2001, Dr. Crippen then completed his specialty training at the University of Manitoba over the next two years.  He has worked extensively in public and private medicine since 2003, but in response to rising demand, Dr Crippen has devoted his practice exclusively to both medical & cosmetic skin care procedures/treatments at his clinic.

A Fellow of the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery, and a diplomate of the American Board of Laser Surgery in Cosmetic Procedures, Dr. Crippen has trained with physicians who are at the forefront of laser & aesthetic medicine. He has made many educational visits to medical laser clinics throughout North America and Europe.


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