House Cleaning Basics For Your First Home

House Cleaning Basics For Your First Home


When you move into your first home, your concerns probably focus around making sure you have furniture, water, heating, kitchen essentials and food. No one ever moves into their first home with everything they new and completely new furnishings. You furnish your home with cheaper things that you can replace as time goes on. But there are things that you need to make sure is on your shopping list for that first week – or even before moving day; cleaning items. You never know what state a new home will be in, and there’s a good chance that you will want to give it a once over anyway. Plus, you’ll be surprised how quickly you will need to do some washing.


The place where you prepare food should always be clean, and for that you need the right chemicals. A surface cleaner and washing up liquid is your basic needs, and then you might want to consider a good oven cleaner. You can also use half of a lemon and sea salt to scrub chopping boards, awkward creases and tile grouting.


It goes without saying that a bathroom needs regular cleaning. A bleach based surface cleaner., toilet bleach and a toilet brush is the basics you need. You can make things easier with a bleach tablet in the cistern or one of those gel tablets that stick to the inside of the bowl to clean each time you flush. You may also need to use a timescale treatment on the taps and shower head – or you might find replacing the latter the better choice. A drain unblocker might be needed – but a combination of bicarbonate of soda and vinegar can work just as well on small blocks. And, strangely enough, Coke can be great for whitening grout.


The basic thing you need for your floors is a vacuum cleaner. However, depending on what flooring you have, you might have to shop around to get the best one. Vacuum cleaner reviews are a great way to start your search. Most nowadays are equipped to switch between carpet and hard floor, but there are other things to consider – like whether you have a pet which sheds a lot. A tip for getting old smells out of the carpet is to sprinkle bicarbonate of soda on the floor, brush it in and leave it to settle for an hour before hoovering it up.


You can always hire a window cleaner, but so many homes get infested with a little damp around window frames and sills. So you should make sure that you have a couple of damp collectors dotted around, as well as a water-based window cleaning spray. A handy tip to stop streaks drying on the glass, is to wipe over the clean, wet window with paper towels or even newspaper – just make sure that the ink won’t run. Another way to help stop damp from collecting is to simply air out the house regularly.


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