Does Female Masturbation Increase Fertility: Is It Good For You Or Just A Taboo?

Does Female Masturbation Increase Fertility

Masturbation is a topic that has quite a stigma around it. In this fast-forward extensive AI-generated world, human pleasure is still a term that is filled with lots of myths and unsaid truths. Though masturbation which includes male masturbation, is not such a stigma and still is discussed differently. But female masturbation was a taboo and is still a taboo even today and people often wonder does female maturation increase fertility or not. Though there are some minds, coming forward to break open to talk about the ‘mysterious’ part of the female body. However, there are still lots and lots of misinterpreted myths concerning sexual pleasure and self-pleasuring methods applied which are quite gender biased.

Some consider female masturbation and pleasure as a sin and are often judged in society. However here’s a complete article dedicated to bursting out myths about female masturbation and shedding light on the topic – does female masturbation increase fertility which is quite less of a topic, more of an important insight to look at. Let’s look at the factual side!

Does female masturbation increase fertility?

Let’s get the crumbs off this topic. Female masturbation has nothing to do with fertility in the first place. Neither masturbation can make you fertile or it can make you infertile. Being fertile comes naturally and also if for some instance you found out you are infertile then it’s for some other cause, don’t blame it on masturbation. Female masturbation does not have any negative impact on your body. Women should not be scared or ashamed of their needs and their need for pleasure. It’s a biological need which is pretty normal. But masturbation does have a positive impact on female sexuality for sure. It shapes how you look into your body and feel about yourself. Masturbation doesn’t increase fertility but it does give a definition or a shape to your sexual health.

Does Female Masturbation Increase Fertility

Female masturbation is as important as male masturbation is and is not harmful to you. A lot of women there actually think that masturbation causes infertility which is again absolutely incorrect and is just a mere myth.

Does female masturbation increase fertility and affect hormones?

The next very important insight on another topic is does female masturbation affects hormones. Well, quite frankly the endocrine system ( the hormonal mastermind of our body) can be instigated due to various factors and the hormones do impact slight changes in your mind and body. But it is considered quite healthy to masturbate. So formally, it won’t affect how it pictures in your mind.

It does increase some of the hormonal functions but it doesn’t affect your body directly so do not worry about this factor.

Does Female masturbation increase fertility through ovulation?

Ovulation is equal to getting pregnant. Being a mother is a big deal for women and women do prioritize it on a different fact. Ovulation is the period when the egg is released from the ovary and can be fertilized by a sperm. After the process of fertilization, the egg travels to the uterus which again results in pregnancy.  However, due to infertility, the egg might degenerate.

Now coming back to the point, where two questions arise side by side. Does orgasm and masturbation affect ovulation? The simple answer is NO. masturbation and orgasm is a part of female pleasure, and need for some people but it does not affect your menstrual cycle infertility or ovulation. So, the simple answer is masturbation does not affect your sexual health.

Does Female Masturbation Increase Fertility

Some benefits of masturbation

Now that you’re aware of the fact about does female masturbation increase fertility, let’s check out some of the benefits of it: 

1. Removes stress

The most important and former point is that it works as a stress buster and it really helps to reduce stress and worries.

2. Relieves menstrual cramps

Might sound gross but masturbation relieves menstrual cramps a lot. It releases endorphins which are considered natural pain relievers which is again a potential pain relief and does help you to relieve pain.

3. Happy organs and sexual health

The main factor is masturbation can help maintain good sexual health as it keeps your vagina lubricated and it also gets rid of bad bacteria from your vagina.

4. Better sleep better health

Good masturbation helps attain better sleep. It releases a hormone known as dopamine which is again related to sleep and well-being.  Other happy hormones that are also great and considered a well-being are oxytocin and endorphins which make a person happy and give an insight of relief.

Does Female Masturbation Increase Fertility

5. You know what you want

Another perk of masturbation is you know exactly how one can pursue pleasure with you and what exactly gives you pleasure. Most people ain’t happy with their sexual life and in that case, you can be happy if you know what can make you happy.

6. Feel Independent and take the lead

With masturbation, you can take the lead and you don’t have to depend on anyone for pleasure and for giving you what you want. You can give that to yourself and more orgasms are on the way. When you are single, it gives you more reasons to feel complete in that sense.

7. Increases sex drive

Masturbation can increase sex drive and by that, you can feel an interest in your partner as well. If you feel low on that, you won’t feel that once you get into it. It makes you more interested in getting full-fledged pleasure.

Conclusive Insights

These are some of the factors which circulate female masturbation. This articulates another way to put an end to useless and biased myths about masturbation. Male or female, everyone deserves their share of good pleasure. Hopefully, this article about Does Female Masturbation Increase Fertility was relevant and informative. Drop down your valuable thoughts below.


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