3 Awesome Tips to Get Fit and Tone Your Body

3 Awesome Tips to Get Fit and Tone Your Body

Changing your diet and jogging every morning are just stepping stones to have a healthier body and getting more fit. Do you want to know the secrets to achieve your bodygoals in less than 3 months? Tone your abs, thighs, and muscles with these three amazing tips.

1. Improve Your Core Strength

Endurance training is truly a game changer for people who want to get a nicely toned body.  You cannot be consistent with your workouts if you have poor core strength, because your core is responsible in circulating the energy throughout your body, particularly to your legs and arms. A basic core body workout involves doing two to three sets of crunches. (bfiweek.com) But for a stronger core, you can try this version: lie on your back and extend both of your hands overhead. Lift your legs and feet up. In a rocking motion, raise your arms and upper body as you lower your legs. These rocking chair crunches will definitely challenge your abs, as well as your upper and lower back muscles.

For a more leisurely endurance workout, try swimming, which will involve all your body muscles as well as help regulate your breathing and relax your mind.

2. Get Your Muscles Defined

You know that those sculpted bodies you see in TV commercials or magazine ads aren’t just a result of gym workouts. It is important to get to know which food you need to fuel your body and build your muscles. Shy away from fatty meat and choose lean protein such as less than 5% lean beef meat, fish, eggs, and low-fat milk. Avoid eating salty or sugary snacks, as these can cause bloating. And the cliché: drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, and more if you sweat a lot after an intense workout.

3. Boost Your Speed

To trigger your body’s metabolism and burn calories faster, you need to improve your speed. One of the basic workouts to increase speed is doing sprints. Start with running three sets of 50-meter sprints, and rest no more than one minute, then do it again, until you do a minimum of three cycles of sprint exercises. You can have more fun doing this exercise by having a buddy and do “sprint-and-relay” workout together.

A relatively new approach to speed training is called plyometrics or “jump training”. The goal of plyometrics is to improve your speed while spending less energy, compared to doing sprints. To do this, start with standing on your feet (wide apart) and clasping your hands just behind your head. Then, make your thighs appear parallel to the floor by doing a squat; ensure that you put your weight on your heels rather than the soles of your feet. Do a quick jump as high as you can and land while bending your knees like a spring. Try it for a set of 15 reps, rest for 10 seconds, and do one or two sets more.

Endurance, muscle definition, and speed boost are three crucial elements you need to obtain a healthier body this 2018. If you require more tips about improving your physical fitness visit Healthyselfprograms.com  where you can find out more tips and tricks.


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