Building Yourself An Easy Upkeep Garden

Building Yourself An Easy Upkeep Garden

We’re all looking for tips on how to care for a garden, whether they be in terms of general clean up and weather rules, or something a little more intricate, like when is exactly the right time to plant some bulbs and what the soil condition should be. Either way, there’s a lot you need to do if you’re looking to become an adamant gardener!

However, not everyone has the time and energy to constantly be checking on their petunias, but they still want a good garden at the end of the day. Well this post is here to tell you that that’s possible! Here’s some tips for building yourself an easy upkeep garden that’s only going to take a few checks every now and then. There’s nothing wrong with needing something low maintenance every now and then (and the good thing about gardens is that you can renovate them when you want to!).

Building Yourself An Easy Upkeep Garden


Downsize on Your Plant Life

A garden without plants doesn’t seem like much of a garden, but you don’t have to get rid of all of your greenery. Simply make sure you only have one or two types to your space, as this is going to be the easiest way forward into low maintenance territory, and make sure these plants are similar in their upkeep as well. You don’t want to be going out day after day to water them because their schedules are different.

If you have a lot of energy at the start of your gardening plans, be sure to plant down something like Heather. These only need watering about once a week but within the year it’ll be taking care of itself. During this time they don’t need as much water either, and thus are good for the dry periods of summer which forever loom on the horizon!

You can also try planting some Jasmine, as this is a good creeper plant that’ll make your house look as pretty as can be. It won’t need too much looking after, just a bit of water every now and then during the dry seasons. Of course you’re going to have to cut them down from time to time, but when this is the only effort you’re going to need to put in, it’s manageable. Seeing as you’ll be soaking up the sun in the garden anyway, lounging in your lack of gardening responsibilities, none of these movements will be impossible tasks to complete!

Do Away with Your Lawns

Lawns are a huge time suck when it comes to maintenance, as you need to make sure the grass is as green as can be, the soil is up to scratch, and that there’s no pests coming crawling or cracking through. So the surefire way to make sure you don’t have to keep an eye on it is to do away with your green space completely! Sounds a little mad, what’s a garden without some grass, but it’s a good idea at the end of the day. Plus, it can still look just as good.

Instead, install something more permanent, and more importantly, non living. Depending on the look you’re going for, this can be with either permeable or impermeable material. Have some paving laid down, or simply build a deck to cover the area. You can check out some good decking designs here, as it’s often the easiest way forward, but don’t immediately count out the idea of laying down some brickwork. This can look just as nice, and when you’re mixing and matching tiles together, even have a hint of the designer about it. Whilst decking can be easily removed when you decide you want a lawn again, it’s also going to be a lot harder to look after compared to pavement!

Make Sure You’ve Got Somewhere to Sit

Now that you’ve gone to all this work to make sure you don’t have to do any work, you’re going to need to be able to enjoy what you’ve done with your space. And so, make sure your new garden has a good reclining area to it.

There’s so many ways you could set up a good seating area to relax in, as long as you have some shade to accompany it. For example, if you have some trees at the back of the garden, and they’ve been there forever, this could be a good place to hang up a hammock. Hammocks are always great for spending time outside, and you can even catch some good shuteye in them on milder days. On the other hand, for something a little more traditional, use the pavement or the decking you’ve put up to good use and construct a gazebo. These don’t take much time, as they come prepackaged from the garden center, and can offer a nice amount of respite from sun and rain.

Some of the Final Touches

First of all, make sure you’ve taken care of any grass or soil in your garden that you don’t specifically want to keep. This is a good final step to make sure any of the efforts you’ve made so far stay in place, as errant weeds can pop up wherever they like at the end of the day! Laying down some gravel, and then the stones of your choice on top make it a lot harder for these pests to push through. If you’ve done away with the lawn, keep it that way!

Similarly, you won’t be wanting to stain your outside furniture or decking with any paints, as this will require repeat coats throughout the months. It might look nice, but it’s simply not worth the effort!

There’s a lot of ways you can cut out all the maintenance you’d need for a traditional garden by simply making some changes to the model. When you’ve got little time on your hands, or you simply don’t want to, make sure you’re making these changes now in order to not regret anything later! Remember, your garden is your oyster.


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