Pieces of Exercise Equipment You Can Use at Home

Pieces of Exercise Equipment You Can Use at Home

Everyone can relate to exercise equipment that is found in a gym. You end up going there, using a few pieces of equipment, or simply running a circuit and using each piece once or twice. In the real scheme of things, there are certain piece of exercise equipment that you use day in and day out in the gym that can just as easily be utilized in the home.

Gyms are great for variety in exercise equipment; but the truth is, to get a great workout, there are usually only a few types of equipment you need to hit all the major muscle groups and areas of the body for that coveted all-perfect workout. Although the variety of equipment in the gym offers you lots of luxuries for fine-turning your workout, these pieces of equipment can be used in-home to get in 80-90% of your movement and muscle-tearing workout results. Besides gym equipment, women can use workout waist trainers to help reduce that unwanted belly fat.

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1. Treadmill

Although this one sounds almost stupid and running can be just as easily accomplished outside of the home and on the street, a solid treadmill can allow you to get your run or walk in no matter the weather. Think of it like this: although boring, the treadmill can be effective and leaves you with no excuse should the weather turn sour on you. In northern areas of the globe, snow can fall and accumulate and cause conditions that are impossible to run in: sometimes for months out of the year! Get yourself a treadmill so you can get rid of your excuses.

2. Dumbbels

Although any pair of dumbbells will do, having yourself a nice pair of dumbbells that are adjustable can save yourself from having to buy and to store an entire rack of weights. Not only are they the most versatile, but adjustment dumbbells can also be one of the most cost effective pieces of exercise equipment to own. Even specific aerobic or Pilates weights for women can be beneficial to burn those excess calories and keep it all within the confines of the four walls of your home!

3. Free-Weight Bench

To go along with the dumbbells and even a barbell if you have it, a free-weight bench can allow you to lift weights and work any body part that you want to. It is awesome to get a bench that is adjustable and accessible for either sides so that you can perform all types of movements for the arms, the back, the shoulders, and the chest. Get a nice bench to pair with your dumbbells and get yourself access to over 50% of the available movements in the gym.

4. Elliptical

Love the aerobic effects of the treadmill but cringe at the thought of what your joints will look and feel like in twenty years? Although expensive, a nice elliptical will provide an alternative to the boring treadmill, provide an excellent cardiovascular workout, and save your joints from the hellish effects of years and years of abuse from the treadmill machine and your outdoor running habits. While running is an awesome exercise in terms of aerobic and cardiovascular workouts, the elliptical will give you the same benefits without the joint issues: all from the comfort of your own home!


I hope that gives you a great look at the pieces of exercise equipment you can use from home. While gyms have all the variety in the world in the form of equipment, the drive, the sweat, the stink, the cost, and the people can sometimes make it all worth it to bring the workout to your home. Try the pieces of exercise equipment that I listed for optimal results without all the hassle of the gym.

Got a better idea or don’t agree with the pieces of equipment I have selected? That is wonderful and we can utilize the comments below to figure out the best tips, techniques, and tricks to make your home workout an absolute joy to come home to each day. Comment away!


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