3 Parasites You Need To Protect Your Pets From

3 Parasites You Need To Protect Your Pets From

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It is an unfortunate truth that your pets can and potentially will get some kind of parasite. This might be in the form of fleas, ticks or worms. However, it is important to be able to see if your pet has contracted one of these and what you can to prevent it happening in the first place.


Your pet can get ticks simply by walking through grass or other plants. The ticks can then jump off and burrow into their skin. The symptoms of having a tick are a redness and swelling, fever, lameness or anemia. These can be hard to spot some of the time, and if you think your dog has a tick, then it is always best to take them to see your vet. However, you can try to avoid them getting a tick by stopping them from entering tall grass. If you live somewhere that is known to have ticks; then you should check your pet’s skin regularly to ensure they don’t have any ticks.


Fleas are an irritant to your pet. They cause them to need to scratch and can cause the skin to become red and swollen. Their scratching can also break the skin, and these breaks can then get infected. This is why it is important to regularly de-flea your pet. The fleas will unfortunately always return, so you need to make sure to do this often. You can visit a website to buy de-fleaing products. These will kill the fleas and give your pet a break from needing to scratch all of the time. You especially want to get rid of fleas because as well as biting and irritating your pet, they can also to the same to humans. This is especially bad if you have young children as you don’t want them to have to deal with irritating flea bites. Some people can have worse reactions than others to flea bites, so make sure that you are de-fleaing your pet regularly.


The main way that your pet is going to get worms is if they are eating random things while outdoors. You can help to prevent worms by simply stopping them from eating objects off the floor. If it is a dog, then you can train it to have no interest in these kinds of things and instead be focuses on treats and playing with you. However, should your pet get a worm, then there are several de-worming kits that you can buy. If your pet is suffering from the worm, then you should take them to visit your vet. You can tell if your pet has worms by the fact that they will be vomiting, constantly rubbing or scratching their rear, they are either constantly hungry or not hungry at all or a myriad of other symptoms. You should familiarize yourself with the specific symptoms so that you can spot if your pet has worms. However, you can preemptively stop the problem by regularly getting them de-wormed anyway. This will kill any and all worms regardless of whether they are showing symptoms or not.

General Wellness

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