10 Retro Design Trends to Watch Out for In 2018

10 Retro Design Trends to Watch Out for In 2018

The retro style in interior design brings back the past to add luxury and value to the present. In recent years, interior designers have worked to recreate a mid-20th century decade feel to instill elegance throughout homes. Vintage accents and antique statement pieces all contribute to a retro look that is relevant today. It’s one of the top design trends this year, and we show you ten ways you can infuse your home with a retro style.

The Vintage Look

A part of the retro style is recreating a vintage style that gives off an elegant and classic vibe. You want to have a raw and natural design aesthetic. Pastel shades, natural materials and metals all work to accomplish a vintage look. You will also want to incorporate bold statement pieces throughout the room through your lighting choices, art, accessories, and rugs. Some vintage style items that add flair to any room are solid wood coffee tables with outward pointing feet, accessories such as typewriters and rotary phones, and floral prints. Choosing rich colored fabrics, and fur throws and pillows can also add to the vintage feel. Get inspired by looking at how designers infused the retro style with vintage elements.

Opt for Retro Colors

Bright colors are a signature of retro style. Choose which part of the room you want to make a bold statement. It could be the walls or a attention grabbing rug. One trend that is all the rage in 2018 is creating high contrast with your color pallette. For example, painting your bedroom walls orange and then placing a velvet purple headboard in the room can really make the colors pop. Right now avocado green is the most popular retro color in stores.

Choose Graphic Prints

To liven up your space add a geometric element to the room. Wallpaper in funky shapes, patterned furniture, or rugs with interesting shapes can all serve as the focal point of the room. You have to remember that if you choose to put a striking pattern in the room, other aspects should be more settle. You don’t want to overwhelm guests with busyness.

Incorporate Unique Retro Lighting

Adding retro style lighting to your room can add to its stylistic impact. The design styles on point in 2018 are oversized lampshades or aluminum and pendant light fixtures. You can have the lights highlight focal points throughout the room or be a center of focus themselves. Make sure to layer light sources to create even illumination throughout the space.

Choose a Uniform Appliance Color

To give your kitchen or laundry room a nostalgic feel, choose a retro color and stick with it as you choose appliances. Pastel colored refrigerators and dishwashers can really pop in a room that is mainly black and white. You can also recreate a diner inspired look with colored booths and metallic finishings.

Decorate with Vintage Accessories

Antique shopping is always a fun activity and finding keepsakes from back in the day instill value into a retro inspired design. Finding old clocks or outdated televisions can add to your style. You can even turn the antique into a DIY project by transforming items such as TVs into minibars. Sunburst mirrors can add 60’s inspired look to your walls. You can also hang dishware collections on the wall to add to the design. Hit up local yard sales to stumbleupon fun retro pieces.

Uncommon Materials for Furniture and Rugs

To fall in line with the retro trend this year, opt for furniture that is made of unconventional materials. For example, you can choose plastic furniture to create a retro interior. Chromized elements incorporated into chair legs, tables, lamps, and frames of tabletops are all appropriate touches. Light woods are also in fashion right now in furnishings. When choosing a rug, shag rugs or ones with a fuzzy texture give off a retro vibe.

Implementing Circular Forms and Curved Edges

One way to emulate the retro trend is by choosing furniture with circular forms and curved edges. Mix these pieces with contemporary furniture to create a sense of balance. Modern upholstered furniture in Retro prints can add to the tone of the room. Simple lines and curves stand out more and make more of a unique statement. Or you can mix and match the existing furniture with these retro style chairs from iconic designers to create a bold and elegant look to your room.

Hang Vintage Art and Mirrors

If you’re at a loss for what to add to blank walls to tie your retro room together look no further than pop art. You can also frame retro posters and prints to bring back elements of the past. Even hanging printed textiles on the room can add to the vintage feel. If you want to make the room appear larger, try incorporating mirrors in unique geometric shapes. View your walls as a blank canvas and get creative.

Unusual Features

This year’s retro style is all about designing with unusual pieces. Whether it’s a uniquely shaped piece of wall art or a brightly colored accessory, you want to somehow make the room pop. The best thing to do is to try to scour antique shops and yard sales for items that bring a taste of the past.

This year’s retro style is all about color, geometric patterns, and uncommon materials. To accomplish the look, pick items that pop and bring the past to the present. Create a healthy balance of funky shapes and subtle colors as not to overwhelm guests. If you follow our trend guidelines, you’re sure to create a space that is appealing and unique.


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