Increasing House Security And Decreasing Paranoia Levels

Increasing House Security And Decreasing Paranoia Levels

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Home is where the heart is, and an Englishman’s home might be his castle, but it should not have to be his maximum security enclosure. We all like to stay safe, but sometimes it’s easy to get caught up that brief moment of paranoia and think that everything is out to get us. But really, who’s to blame for that? We’ve surely all see our fair share of horror stories in the news about someone breaking into someone’s house via the most obscure and unexpected means, or just plainly breaking down the front door. It’s no surprise that some of us are a bit more paranoid nowadays with constant exposure to headlines such as “Burglars broke into house, stole bank cards and then went on a fast food binge at McDonald’s and KFC”. Without further ado, let’s see how you could feel safer in your very own home, without going completely overboard and spending a small fortune on penitentiary-tier security for your house.

Increasing house security is essential to any home, upgrading your locks every few years and getting key cuts for those locks are alos very essential, Fast Keys offer a wonderful selection of locks and key cuts at a very affordable price.

CCTV: Always watching

You will not always be at home, understandably enough, so you cannot keep watch over your property at all times. If you find yourself in a position where you can afford to get a proper CCTV system for your property, then go ahead. Put a few cameras here and there in some strategic positions, and just leave them on. It really is that simple. No need to constantly monitor them or anything, but if something ever comes up then there will be footage which you can go back to if the need arises, always a reassuring thought. If you cannot afford a CCTV system, you can always do the next best thing and leave around some considerably cheaper dummy cameras in an effort to tackle potential burglars with a bit of psychological warfare.

Alarm systems

Much like the CCTV situation, it can prove to be rather pricey to get a company to come down and install a full security system complete with alarms, but if you have the money it then it’s definitely worth it. If you do not, then getting some fake decal stickers merely stating that you do have an alarm system also proves to be an effective deterrent.

Increasing House Security And Decreasing Paranoia Levels padlock

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Some good ol’ padlocks

We might be living in the age of smart-locks and opening doors with key passes and whatnot, but the truth is a that some good quality, hefty, high security padlocks, never hurt anyone. Whether you want to make sure that your front porch is extra secure, or you’re worried about someone snooping about the contents of your shed out in the garden, this might be just the thing you need for the extra security and peace of mind.

Increasing House Security And Decreasing Paranoia Levels keys in door

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Your house keys

For whatever reason, a lot of people seem to have accepted this rather questionable idea of putting tags on their house keys with their name, address, or even both. Now, this is a questionable idea for several reasons, one of them being the rather obvious one that if you ever lose them, anyone can just find them and waltz straight into your house any time they please. If you cannot live with a key tag on your house key, then just tag it as the “House key” rather than anything which might happen to divulge a lot more information than you would like it to. Besides that, leave your keys around safer places than the coffee table that is in full view from the window, or on your car dashboard.


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