Here are the 4 Garage Door Trends That Will Rock 2018

Here are the 4 Garage Door Trends That Will Rock 2018

Keeping up with trends and following the current fashion can be a pretty daunting task, especially if you talk about a piece of real estate. Things tend to change pretty slowly because people usually do not replace or remodel certain objects in and out of their house unless they are broken or just too old. The same goes for replacing your old garage door.

But being fashionable when it comes to garage doors in particular can be pretty fun and useful. Believe it or not, they are a visually defining piece of you exterior presentation, especially with all the recent technological upgrades. Here are some popular designs for 2018.

Colors with Attitude

In recent years we’ve seen a complete tonal shift in aesthetics and design. What used to be considered fashionable, decent and normative like 20 years ago is now outdated and undesired. Now people want their garage doors to be striking and eye pleasing. What used to be just a simple piece of exterior with a straightforward purpose, is now the “main attraction” of any home with garage. It is a staple statement piece and a prime example of the indirect act of showing off in the neighborhood, and it certainly adds to the personality of a home.

Wood is Back

Garage doors made of wood were quite popular before fiberglass replaced them. Recently, wood has resurfaced and found its way back to catalogues and magazines, like a familiar face you haven’t seen in years. Wood also brings that old, cozy and warm feeling to a home, and it is considered beautiful particularly in a mix with some synthetic materials. This combo will also bring that unique, do-it-yourself feel to the whole package, which always leaves a better impression.

Do You like Gadgets?

We certainly do, and they are everywhere you look. They’ve occupied almost any aspect of a home or office, which is not a bad thing at all. Upgrades like sensors that open the door when your car arrives or being able to control the doors via smartphone are certainly cool and useful upgrades no one really wants to skip. It’s not just about being cool and nerdy, but the utility value is immense which also leads to many people upgrading their garage doors. It is not just utility that matters here, technology also helps improve safety and security.

Windows and Natural Light

We see yet another tonal shift in this example. Garage changed its role and presentation in such a way that it is moving from some dark, moody and damp cave-like storehouse to a pleasant, winded,  bright and warm room enhanced by natural lights provided by big windows, something never really seen before in a garage. The garage has become a welcoming place, an integral part of a home. Recent trends in 2017 and 2018 have introduced frosted windows as both modern and useful solution that allows for both privacy and natural light.

The garage has come a long way from being just a dirty storehouse for old dusty boxes full of stuff and a car in between, to a nice, warm and clean environment for the whole family, especially kids, to have fun in. It has become a room for activities and hobbies, rather than storage for things we feel too sentimental about to get rid of. This evolution goes hand in hand with these trends in design, they both complement each other.

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