Underrated Pieces of Equipment in Your Gym

Underrated Pieces of Equipment in Your Gym

You’ve been to the typical gym and you’ve seen the typical pieces of gym equipment. In fact, you probably would recognize the most easily recognizable gym exercise equipment such as a barbell bench press, a dumbbell rack, a cross cable and extension machine, etc…

However, there are certain gems in the gym that are one of either two things: either really underused because no one uses them or really underrated items that are used a lot but only by a few select people who really know what they are doing.

With that said, here is the list of underrated piece of equipment in your local gym:

1. Squat rack / power rack and barbell

You have probably seen the squat bar utilized in a manner that is not intended for the original use of it. It could be that someone is literally being a SQUATTER (hanging out there and NOT actually squatting) and doing bicep curls with the straight bar, or it could be just collecting dust in the corner of the gym. However, in gyms with experienced lifters, you will see the power rack being used by people who are performing barbell exercises such as squats, deadlifts, ladder pulls, bench press, and power cleans. Use the squat rack / power rack for what it is intended for and reap the benefits of massive results!

2. Wrist-strengthening equipment

Although many times we don’t think of the gym as a place where we go to work on our wrist strength; and, although some wrist exertion can occur with different types of grips on both back and also bicep / tricep exercises, there are forms of wrist exercises that are beneficial. For instance, Hand Wrist and Forearm Strengtheners can be used by opening and closing the grip and free weights can be used to be rotated in the hands or pulled up (wrists only) with a rope to help to strengthen and build the support of the wrists.

3. Your body (for body-weight exercises)

Many people even forget that some of the most valuable movements and exercises in the gym can come from the body itself in regard to using body weight to gain strength. Resistance training is all about moving a certain amount of weight over a given amount of distance over a given amount of time; and, the body and putting pressure on the weight of the body alone can be used for some of the most effective resistance training exercises in the gym. Movements such as pull-ups, lunges, pulls, dips, sit-ups, and other old fashioned movements can yield some of the best results for even the most experienced of body builders.

4. Resistance bands

Although sometimes viewed as a fancy tool for pilates classes or even just a warm-up type of piece of equipment for bodybuilding shows, resistance bands can have a unique purpose in any gym setting. Whether it is adding resistance over an existing amount of weight on a barbell, or simply using the band in its own right to create resistance-types of movements, resistance bands can make for some kick-butt work outs. Even guys who have been bodybuilding for years can get results from resistance bands when used in the correct settings as there is constant tension placed on the muscles that tears the snot out of them and helps build them up through recovery time and time again.


Those are some of my most underrated pieces of gym equipment and exercises that can be home in your gym (and some even in your home) that you should give a try. Although sometimes not viewed as cool in comparison to other pieces of equipment and although also often overlooked, these pieces of equipment in your gym can yield some big results.

Your turn: don’t agree with me or care to elaborate on the article? Leave your comments below and let’s begin discussing some pieces of equipment that you feel is massively beneficial to your workout routine that may not be listed here or even seen in the majority of local gyms that you would find around town. 🙂


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