Drip Coffee Maker Vs. French Press: Which Is Best?

Drip Coffee Maker Vs. French Press Which Is Best

Americans love their coffee so much that over a half of the nation drinks it every day. And yet, they never seem to agree which type of coffee maker is the best. Drip coffee makers and French presses are some of the most popular options as they are rather affordable and easy to use. But which of them should you choose?

Drip Coffee Maker Vs. French Press: Comparison


Every person’s taste is unique. Therefore, when comparing anything by this factor, one has to understand that the conclusion is very subjective. It’s even more so in regards to coffee where the blend and the quality of beans are a more important factor than the appliance used for brewing.

Those things considered, a drip coffee maker usually produces a less ‘intense’ coffee to taste. The reason is the difference in water temperature and mechanics of the brewing process itself. You also need to consider that a good French press coffee maker will filter out all the grounds.

Conclusion: A French press produces a stronger brew while drip coffee is both cleaner and smoother.

Brewing Time

The best coffee maker that works on drip technology can provide up to 10 cups of coffee in as little as 3 minutes. When using a French press, you’ll have to wait for 3-5 minutes for the coffee to brew properly. Do bear in mind that these makers usually fit no more than 2-3 cups worth of coffee.

Aside from the brewing time, you should also consider preparation and cleaning. This this, a drip coffee maker is definitely a winner. These machines are very easy to clean and all the prep you need to do is to pour in water and put the grounds into a special paper bag that you’ll remove to clean the device instantly.

There are no handy paper bags in a French press, so you’ll have to clean the grounds by hand and this is sure to get messy. You’ll also need to wash the entire press carefully to remove any bits stuck in it.

Conclusion: A drip coffee brewer is the faster one in both making your precious coffee and cleaning the appliance afterward.

Versatility of Brews

While both French press and a drip coffee maker allow using any kind of coffee blend, the former has more room for creativity. You can make a cup of coffee that will meet your exact specifications in a French press. This means deciding the intensity by adding more grounds as well as enhancing the flavor with spices.

A drip coffee maker doesn’t allow much in terms of brew intensity control. However, you can add any flavorings you want to the cup once it’s done. This won’t be the same, but you can work out a scheme that will produce a perfect cup of coffee for you.

Conclusion: You can ‘customize’ your coffee more easily when using a French press.


In this regard, a drip coffee maker has a French press well and truly beaten. The appliances of today can be pre-programmed to provide a cup of coffee at a certain time, with virtually no effort from you. You can’t do this with a French press.

Conclusion: If you want to have a steaming cup of well-brewed coffee waiting for you by the time you get down to the kitchen, a drip coffee maker is the one you need.


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