Honesty Is The Best (Health) Policy

Honesty Is The Best (Health) Policy writing in book

If you are on a journey to improve your health, good luck! Whether you want to lose weight or cut down on junk food, it’s not an easy task. It’s made even harder by the number of variables involved in getting fit and healthy. Apparently, experts believe health revolves around REMS sleep to eating food at a particular time. It’s no wonder people struggle: it’s too complicated! One way to keep it simple is to be honest. The more truthful you are, the quicker you will hit your targets.

Here are the reasons why.

Identifies Weaknesses

We all have strengths and weaknesses. The key to health is to maintain a healthy balance between both. In simple terms, play to your strengths and attempt to eradicate any failings. Unfortunately, analysing what pros and cons are may be tricky business. For example, a person may be overweight. It’s not nice to admit, which is why people beat around the bush. By being truthful, you can pinpoint it as an area which needs work. Once you accept the truth, it’s easier to find solutions. Think of it as a form of a five-step plan.

Leads To Reflection

Another positive to come out of telling the truth is self-reflection. By identifying the pros and cons, you can find the necessary fixes. Also, you can analyse what works well for you and what doesn’t work whatsoever. Again, accepting that you are not good at something is hard to swallow. So, it is possible to work hard without seeing any results. Why? It’s because your methods of choice may not be tailor-made to your requirements. Although it sounds easy, leaving your ego behind is one of the keys to a happy and healthy life.

Makes It Comfier

Whatever your goals, exercise should be a mandatory requirement. Without training, the body gets lazy and stores food as fat. By working out, you can prevent the process and improve your vital systems in the process. However, lots of people don’t exercise because they lack the motivation. Maybe it’s too hard or perhaps it’s a mental block; who knows? One thing is for sure: being comfortable is helpful. Buying underwear that shapes your body and shoes with the right support can transform your attitude. Suddenly, working out won’t hurt as much and you may even enjoy going to the gym.

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Encourages Self-Acceptance

Women find it hard to enjoy their bodies thanks to archaic stereotypes. Looking at women on TV is enough to send any normal person insane. Sadly, a negative mental attitude is not healthy because it leads to stress and psychological issues. A woman has to accept her body for what it is, and honesty is the way forward. By saying, “I can’t be that person,” there’s no reason to set unrealistic targets. Equally, you can say “I want to be like her but I am pragmatic.” That way, you can get to a point where you love your body.

As difficult as it is, try and be truthful. It’s the best thing for your health.


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