How to transform your small bathroom for under 150.00 DIY

How to transform your small bathroom for under 150.00 DIY

Remodeling a bathroom can be a fun and rewarding undertaking, which does not require thousands of dollars to complete satisfactorily. Handling the renovations as a DIY project helps reduce the overall cost. Some of the key materials required for the task include one or two gallons of paint, tiles and other items. The makeover can entail the installation of additional shelving, refreshing the grout and more.

Installing additional shelves has the capacity to transform open spaces and providing extra storage space for toiletries and towels. The task can be accomplished using stained wooden planks and a couple of low-cost brackets for under $100.

Additional work that can be carried out for under $150 includes:

– Beadboard wall paneling
– Upgrading bathroom lighting
– Installing a shiplap
– Framing the mirror
– Installing a towel ring or hook

Beadboard wall paneling and trim décor

Beadboard wall paneling adds a classic touch to any bathroom. When combined with innovative trim décor, the paneling creates a stylish appearance that stands out. The changes can be made without breaking the band. The approach makes it easier to transform the bathroom with decorative accents. You might need to select the best skill saw for the job to make the appropriate cuts for the wall paneling!

Beadboard is made from pieces of wood that are interlocked to form a wallboard. They come with a tongue and fitting as well as larger panels with decorative vertical lines. The material also works well as an accent or trim décor. It provides a viable option for anyone to cover some space in areas close to the sink wall. Beadboard accents creating eye-catching features when fitted in a bathroom with a wall-hung or pedestal sink.

It is possible to use the material as a backsplash and an accent for the room. The board can be run from the floor to the ceiling, which is a practical option in bathrooms with low ceilings. The decorative vertical lines tend to elongate the walls. The molding is applied as a cornice in areas close to the ceiling. Plain wainscoting, on the other hand, ushers in a versatile appearance by creating a cohesive wall design.

This approach allows homeowners to paint the walls above the beadboard using a color that complements the accents. Adding vanity and medicine cabinets to the space provides an appealing finish that catches the eye.

Adding a splash of color to the bathroom

Painting the bathroom is one way to achieve the desired look at an affordable price. The choice of color can complement other features, such as the bathing tub or tone of the flooring tile. A combination of pale wood, white marble and porcelain can create a fashionable look. The color of walls can contrast or match the floors. White contrasts work well with soft green walls when compared to metallic blue.

To choose the ideal color, it is best to use a color wheel, which makes it easier to visualize a wide variety of color schemes. The wheel can create a visual sample, which demonstrates that colors that are positioned across from each other on the wheel provide a complementary appeal.

Essential tools for a bathroom remodeling project

A good selection of power and hand-tools enable DIYers to turn the bathroom into a beautiful space for less than $150. From measuring tools and screwdrivers to cordless drills to a circular saw, there is the right tool for every task. Measuring tools play an important role when it comes to ensuring great workmanship. They are available in varying lengths, including 12, 18, 25 and 33 feet. Longer variants are typically heavier.

Cordless drills provide much-needed versatility and flexibility when working on bathroom remodeling projects. They can drill into walls, beadboards and other surfaces quickly and easily. They can be fitted with attachment to help drive different types and sizes of screws into building materials.

In the end, bathroom renovations enhance the look and feel of the home while increasing the resell value.


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