Be The Best Version Of You: Three Ways You Can Improve Your Body For Health and Happiness

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While there’s nothing wrong with loving and accepting yourself just as you are, it doesn’t hurt to set goals and strive to be ‘the best version of you’. Especially if you’ve found yourself in a bit of a rut, and don’t feel as though the inside matches your external appearance. Looking and feeling great can really boost your confidence, and give you that boost you need to get out there and live the best life you can. Here are just three things to focus on.

Improve Your Strength and Fitness

Exercise can do absolute wonders for both the body and mind. As well as physically transform your body (meaning your physique looks fantastic and your clothes fit better) it’s incredible for health, and allows you to feel fit and strong top. When so many of us live sedentary lifestyles, it’s easy for our fitness and endurance to deteriorate. Before you know it you can hardly run for the bus and struggle climbing a few flights of stairs. Hit the gym or take up a sport, you will feel so much better in both body and mind. The results you see in your body and on the scale will be motivation to keep you going.

Take Care of Your Smile

Different countries and cultures have very different ideas about what beauty is. However, one thing that they ALL have in common are that great teeth are an attractive asset. Consider some cosmetic work if there’s something about your smile that makes you feel self-conscious. And stick to a good oral hygiene routine to avoid a wide range of issues. Sometimes things can go wrong, if you experience sudden tooth pain you might find yourself scrambling for your phone at midnight searching for ‘emergency dental near me’. However, by looking after your teeth as best, you can, going for regular checkups and being careful eating hard food you minimize your risks.

Change Your Hair

As the old saying goes, ‘your hair is the ballgown you never take off.’ Your hair is such an important asset to your looks, it’s a big part of your identity and is something that can make you feel fabulous or terrible about your appearance. Lets face it, we all know how much of a nightmare bad hair days can be, and most of us have had a bad hair experience at one time or another. Whether it was an ugly cut, dodgy color or damage from heat styling tools, it’s always a big deal and never something you can simply laugh off! Beautiful hair will always be in style, and locks that are well looked after will not only look gorgeous but be more manageable too. Stop with the home dyes and bleaches and go to the salon instead. Find a color, length, and style which flatters you, your colorings and features. Just because something suits a model or celebrity or even a friend doesn’t mean it will work for you. We’re all so unique, we have to choose looks based on what suits us individually.

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