People Say Carcinogens Are Everywhere, So How Do You Protect Yourself?

Protect Yourself from cigarette carcinogens

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Nowadays, the news would have you believe that the risk of cancer is just about everywhere. It’s not entirely an unreasonable assertion to make, either. Carcinogens come from all kinds of places in different quantities. But when it seems like everything is forbidden, that makes it almost impossible to live your life. So, what should you really be concerned about and where do the greatest risks truly lie?

Living a healthier life

It should be no surprise that the things we all consider generally unhealthy for us are some of the biggest contributors to your risk of cancer. For instance, the risks involved in cigarettes surprise no-one by now and replacements like e-cigarettes make them easier to avoid than ever. Regular alcohol consumption forms the chemical acetaldehyde in the body. That makes cells in your liver grow faster, which can lead to the growth of cancer cells. It’s estimated that 4-in-10 cancer cases can be prevented by lifestyle changes. It doesn’t make you immune but it does make it seriously worth considering spending less time in direct sunlight and eating fewer saturated fats.

Keep a cleaner home

Then there are the contaminants that we expose ourselves to on a much more regular basis without even being aware of it. For instance, you might think that cleaning the home is an all round positive move, but many people are actually putting their health at risk by doing just that. It’s not because cleanliness is dangerous, but because many household cleaners just aren’t really that clean. Many bleaches, toilet cleaners, surface wipes and others contain toxins. While many of these toxins mostly contribute to irritation or respiratory conditions, many of them also lead to chronic conditions like cancers. Looking for organic cleaning products or even creating your own can drastically reduce your risk.

Where you work

For those working in industries with a lot of chemicals and raw materials, there’s an even greater exposure to cancer. For instance, for people in manufacturing industries, the links shown by leukemia lymphoma from benzene attorney have led to many successful lawsuits. Industrial chemicals and second-hand smoke in agricultural industries show a much higher rate of cancer, too, as high as 35% more chance of breast cancer in women. Asbestos is a serious health concern in many older offices, but there are certain occupations like mechanics who are a lot more likely to face exposure. It’s worth looking at your job in particular and see what cancer risks are involved and if your boss can put in place any protective measures.

Beyond avoiding what risk factors you can, ensure that you know about the dangers and how to check via methods like self-inspection. It’s estimated that 1-in-2 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, so it’s worth worrying about. Not all risk factors are the same, so that piece of meat isn’t going to suddenly put you in that 1-in-2. However, reducing as many risk factors as you can, especially the bigger ones mentioned above, can make a real difference to your chances.


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