Applications That Would Help Every Student

Applications That Would Help Every Student

During your time studying in college, it is always a good thing to get all the help you may need during trying times. There are times that studying with fellow students is a great option, but for those times that things become more difficult, you can rely on technology to help you. Smartphones and tablets today give you access to various apps and features that can assist you in many ways. Some colleges, like engineering universities, have been using applications and new technology to help their students learn more and make use of their tech-savvy skills. To get you started, here are some apps that can help every student while studying.

google drive application for students

Google Drive

Need a place to store all your important school files like research papers, and important homework? Or have you experienced losing important schoolwork in your external memory device? Google Drive provides you with a safe place to store all your precious school documents, and be able to access it in your portable device, and when using a computer. Google drive can store different kinds of files, which include Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel, PDF files, JPEG, MP3 and MP4, and much more. Google Drive is a nifty app to have for your storage needs.

evernote application for students


For your note taking needs, Evernote is one of the most reliable apps available. Evernote has more features other than your regular note taking, like bookmarking clipping, and even making to-do lists. Evernote is available in portable apps, and you can also download a plugin for your computer.

refme application for students


Do you need a quick way to cite your sources in your research paper, then RefMe is the app for you. The app makes use of your phone or tablet’s camera to help you scan a book’s barcode to create a citation. Available citation formats include APA, MLA, Chicago, and other formats that colleges use. Using RefMe would definitely help in filling out your bibliography quicker.

foursquare application for students


After a busy day in school, going out for some quality food and drinks with your friends is a great way to unwind. If you are looking for the best food and drink places, Foursquare is a nifty app that you can make use of. Foursquare is an app that helps you look for the nearest and best places to go out for a nice meal or a round of drinks. The app can also suggest other places that may tickle your fancy, like nearby malls and museums that you and your friends may like to visit.

wolfram alpha application for students

Wolfram Alpha

Need a quick answer to a difficult science or mathematics question? Wolfram Alpha acts as a search engine which can help in giving you the best answers for some of the toughest questions. From calculus equations, to important environmental reports and information, Wolfram Alpha has you covered for all your science needs.

Key Takeaway

Finding the right apps to assist you as you go through college is a challenge in itself. But once you find the right apps, some tasks would just feel easier to accomplish. Thanks to the latest technology, apps are now more reliable than ever, and can assist you in so many different ways possible.


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