The Hidden Struggles Some People Have To Go Through At This Time Of Year

hidden struggles of holidays


This time of year can fill many of our hearts with joy and love. The festive season provides us with perfect opportunities to catch up with loved ones and people we hold dear while capturing the magic for any children we have in our lives. It truly is a wonderful time of year. But, sometimes it’s worth remembering that this time of year can be a struggle to many of us. Some people fight battles every day, and this time of year seems to highlight those struggles all the more. So as this is the time to be thankful for what we have, I see it as a perfect chance to highlight some of the most common struggles we might all have to face at some point in our lives.

People who struggle with alcohol dependence

This time of year is known for a party or two, and with that comes the environment where some alcohol is consumed. For most this isn’t an issue at all, some of us might enjoy a cheeky glass of wine or port to celebrate Christmas. But some people fight a battle with alcohol each day and the atmosphere Christmas can create with the connection of alcohol can make it extremely tough. While being dependant is very different to being an alcoholic, it’s worth being mindful that some people fight this choice to have a drink, or not, each day.

Fighting a battle with addiction

Addiction is something that can take hold of you at any point of your life. It can be all-consuming and difficult to get through. Often we won’t have a clue if someone we know is addicted to a drug or substance, especially with them being able to handle the effects. But if you become concerned about someone’s welfare then talking might be able to open that line of communication, even enabling you to consider recommending options like a Rapid Detox or even a rehab facility. At this time of year, people can feel vulnerable.

Struggling to make ends meet while still having things to pay for

Money is a common problem I think we can all face at some point in our lives. During the Christmas period, spending seems to go up due to gift purchases and extra food being bought for the big Christmas day feast. So spare a thought to those who might be struggling to make ends meet at this time of year. Perhaps unable to celebrate Christmas due to bills being paid or a bonus not being earnt. Financial difficulties are not something people feel comfortable in talking about as it can feel like a personal battle.

Lost family members and heartache

This time of year highlights the opportunity to see family and loved ones, so it can also be a sad time for some people who have lost anyone close to them. While, of course, these things do happen, it’s worth remembering that we are lucky to be celebrating with our families this year.

While this post isn’t meant to highlight all the bad things that could be going on in someone’s life, I hope it helps you to feel thankful for what you do have. Enjoy your Christmas.


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