Feeling The Pinch: Simple Steps To Follow To Lower Your Utility Bills!

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One thing which ends up costing us a small fortune is utility bills. They seem to get higher every year. And sometimes we don’t even know why we are receiving such a high bill! However, if you are finding your utility bills are sky high, there are some things you can do. Therefore, here are simple steps to follow to lower your utility bills, so you are not feeling the pinch at this expensive time of year!

Switch providers

One thing you should do is ring your provider. Tell them that you are concerned about how high your utility bill is. For one thing, there may have been an error so they can fix it for you to reduce your bill. But if the bill is correct, they should be able to tell you how much energy you have used and how much they are charging. Once you know, you should take a look on comparison sites and see if there is a provider who is offering a rate that is much cheaper. After all, you could end up saving yourself a fortune by switching providers. If you find a better price, ring your provider back and tell them about what you have discovered. If they don’t match it, you can switch and lower your utility bills every month!

Get your boiler maintained

According to the Mass Save Program, You might be surprised to know that the reason you are getting high energy bills could be down to a problem with your boiler. Something might have gone wrong which is causing it to not run efficiently and is leaving you with expensive bills. Therefore, you should call a boiler service company who can do heater repair. They will make sure any necessary repairs are completed so that the furnace works correctly. And you should set up a maintenance program with them so that you don’t run into the issue of high utility bills again!

Make sure your windows and doors are sealed

If your home still feels cold with the heating on, we are bound to put it on higher. And it could end up with us having to fork out a lot of money by the time winter is over. But you should consider why your home isn’t staying hot while you have the heating on. After all, you can lower your utility bills if you don’t have to put the heating on so high. One thing you should check is the windows and doors. You need to make sure they are sealed properly. You might need to recaulk your window so that no air is escaping during the cold weather. After all, the sealing can weaken after a couple of years. As well as making sure they are sealed, you need to make sure they are locked. That way, you can ensure no heat can escape! And your home will stay nice and warm without you facing expensive bills in January.

And remember to install a boiler timer and room thermostat so that you can adjust the heating accordingly. Otherwise, you might be paying for heating that is on during the day when you are not even inside the property! And it’s a lot more energy-efficient too!

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