Importance of Drain Blockage Removal for a Healthy Home

remove drain blockage from home

You feel threatened when you are informed about the blocked drain. You are completely repulsed when you get to know that the water is not draining properly. Suddenly thoughts like wet and slimy bathrooms and bad smell come to your mind to increase your uneasy feeling. Precaution is better than cure. Therefore, you must not delay in hiring drain blockage removal services. The professionals have all the cleaning tools and products to unclog the drain. They cater their service for residential as well as commercial customers.

Major Causes for Clogged Drains:

Finding a clogged drain is a dreadful thing for everyone. Though it is a part of indoor plumbing, one would make a mistake by considering it as a tiny problem. It may lead to many situations you don’t want in your household. So, before you troubleshoot the problems, you have to aware of the causes for a blocked drain. The most common causes are listed below.

  • Mostly, the bathroom drain gets blocked when the skin flakes, dirt and hair scum on the drain pipe walls. This gunk increases over time and decreases the flow of the water.
  • The drain connected to your kitchen sink clogs when oil cake or cooking grease accumulates onto the wall of the drain pipe. You can get a more stubborn clog if you try to drain down un-dissolved food substances and detergent soap.
  • Sinks often make gurgling sound when the toilet is flushed. This happens because the venting system does not allow enough to get inside the pipe to drain away water. It can reach to a dangerous level if not rectified on time.
  • Clogged toilets are something that you will never want to experience in your whole life. This generally happens when products like dental floss, diaper wipes, sanitary products etc are tried to flush down.

Different Kinds of Drain Cleaning Services:

In the modern times, many companies offer high quality drain blockage removal services. They accomplish the task by using updated cleaning machines and technology. They are the one stop solution for sewer line and drain issues. The removal services are done based on the location and condition of the drain. Some of the major services are:

  1. Kitchen Drain Blockage: The kitchen drain runs slowly as soaps, fats, greases and detergents mount up on the pipe walls. Eventually, they cause blockage and create a mess for your daily household chores. The debris can be easily removed by using a sink machine through the clog.
  2. Utility Room Drain Blockage: Floor drains are nowadays commonly found in many areas such as bathrooms, basements, garages, driveways and patios. Debris and dirt clog these floor drains. An easy way to restore proper drainage is to keep the trap of your drain filled with water.
  3. Outdoor Drain Blockage: The downspout drains can get clogged while channeling water away from your house via underground pipes. The professionals can clean the downspouts and prevent flooding to maintain proper drainage system at home.

plumber home drain blockage removal

Reasons for Choosing Professional Drain Blockage Services:

There are certain risks associated with DIY projects due to lack of experience and skills. You cannot keep your drains blocked for longer period of time. At the end, you only have to suffer. So, it is better to hand over the job to the professional drain blockage removal service providers. Some important reasons for choosing them are –

  • Free estimates
  • Emergency service
  • Full plumbing service
  • Available 24/7
  • Licensed and insured
  • Trustworthy and reliable

In addition, the drain blockage removal cost depends on the type of cleaning you want for your clogged drain or sewage system.


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