How Much of Your Holiday Should You Book in Advance?


Whether you’re big on planning or you prefer a last-minute decision, it is always a good idea to have some important factors set in stone when it comes to your travels. But just how much is necessary? Well, it does depend on if it’s simply a one-week holiday or if you’re planning on travelling for months on end, but there are still some set things you should have in place, which we are going to explore in this article. Read on to find out what we think you should get booked in before you jet off. (

Excursions and Activities 

It’s always a great idea to have at least a few excursions and activities in mind for your trip. If you book some of these in advance, you’re guaranteed to get the time and day you want, whilst also potentially finding great online deals. You don’t want to turn up on your trip only to find the main activity you wanted to go to this destination for isn’t available. By using websites like you can get some of the tours and activities you want to do in place, which means you’ll have plenty to look forward to in the build-up to your trip. Be wise and avoid disappointment!


A lot of the time, for big events like festivals, people book the event before anything else. This is definitely something you should do for in-demand events that sell out quickly. You can worry about the rest afterwards. However, it is recommended that once you have event tickets that you book your flights and accommodation soon after. This is because there will be more competition, limited availability higher prices for both of these if it is a big event that reels in large crowds.


It can be tricky to know when to get the best flights, but it is recommended to book them 21 to 115 days in advance. Whilst this is a large window, you can set up flight alerts to let you know if prices are changing. You can also keep an eye out for offers and discounts popping up in the meantime. It is never recommended to book a flight on the day unless you really want it to be a last-minute surprise.


Depending on what you’re looking for, it is usually better to have accommodation booked at the very least a month before your trip. Busy tourist cities in high season can be incredibly hard to find good places to stay. So really, if you know where and when you’re going, the sooner you book your accommodation, the better. 


Now, when it comes to eating out you have more freedom in terms of booking. A lot of places will accept walk-ins, unless you have your eye on somewhere very special. If this is the case, look into their booking policy and get yourself on the guestlist in advance! Otherwise, you might have to make do with other available options, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


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