Beat Period Pains With These Remarkable Ideas

Beat Period Pains With These Remarkable Ideas
Beat Period Pains With These Remarkable Ideas

There aren’t many bad things of being female, but one of the worst has to be period pains! This monthly discomfort can prevent you from doing a variety of things, especially sports. If they get really bad, you might even have to take a day off work! Thankfully, there is plenty you can do to help deal with the cramps and aches. Here are some remarkable ideas that can really make a big difference!

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Skip Your Period

Did you know that it is possible to delay your period? This is perfect for those times when you really can’t be doing with pains and cramps getting you down. For example, you might not want your period to ruin a romantic weekend away with your partner. Or you have a very important meeting at work to prepare for. Whatever the reason, you can find period delay tablets that allow you to skip your period and stay completely pain-free.

Anti-Inflammatory Medication

Painkillers will help to reduce your pain. You will find that ones which reduce inflammation in the body work better at getting rid of your menstrual aches and pains. To get the most out of your medication, make sure you take it before you experience any pain at all. That’s because pain medication always works better if you take it before the pain gets to its worst.


No one ever feels like exercising when they are on their period. But it is something that you should try, as it can drastically help to reduce your pain. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins which can help to reduce stress symptoms. These hormones are also natural pain killers used by the body. So even if you don’t feel like exercising to start with, you will certainly feel a lot better the more you do!

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Get A Hot Water Bottle

A popular old-wives tale is that placing a hot water bottle on your stomach can help to relieve menstrual pains. Up until recently, it was thought that this only worked because it had a placebo effect. That means, it kind of tricked us into thinking that we weren’t in any pain. However, some recent studies have shown that applying heat to the stomach really does ease pains and cramps! That’s because the extra heat helps to reduce pain at a molecular level. Just in the same way that some medicines do!


There are some forms of contraception that can help reduce menstrual pains. Sometimes, if a girl is suffering from extreme period pains, her doctor will place her on the contraception pill. Whether she is sexually active or not. The combined oral contraceptive pill is the best for beating period pains as it thins the lining of the uterus. And that means that the muscles in the walls of the uterus don’t contract as much during menstruation.

There is no reason why you should live with very bad menstrual pains and cramps. If you ever find yourself distracted by pain, use one of the above ideas immediately!


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