Finding Your Dream Vacation Home

Finding Your Dream Vacation Home
Finding Your Dream Vacation Home

If you’re lucky enough to come into some extra money or want to know what to do with your savings, purchasing a vacation home could be a wise investment. Not only do you have a ‘home from home’ where you c go to relax and enjoy yourself throughout the year, but you can rent it out while you’re not using it and earn some extra income too. If a vacation home is on the agenda, here are some of the gorgeous options you could choose from.

For Relaxing Beach Breaks With The Family: A Stunning Villa

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A villa, complete with its own pool and lots of rooms, is something that the whole family will be able to enjoy. Villas are usually situated near beautiful beaches, and are a popular choices for vacation home investments. If you feel as though you could never afford such a large property, there are lots of places in Europe where you can buy large, luxurious villas for much cheaper than elsewhere in the world. And so if a country like sunny Spain is on your list- this could be a great option to consider. The added costs you’d need to think about would be things like gardeners and pool cleaners depending on the kind of land your villa is set on.

For Romantic City Breaks With Your Partner: A Beautiful City Apartment

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It’s easy to fall in love with the city. From Europe’s finest cities of Paris, Barcelona and Venice to America’s New York to Australia’s Melbourne. On the down side, something like this is likely to set you back a lot of money upfront, plus you have added building maintenance costs to factor in. However you do have the option to earn a greater amount of revenue from rent. Unlike beach rentals, cities don’t really have an off season meaning you’re likely to make money on it all year round. If you want to be right in the heart of the action and spend your days exploring shops, indulging in fine restaurants and enjoying an active nightlife then a city apartment will be ideal.

For Getting Back To Nature and Enjoying Peace and Quiet: A Secluded Cabin

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If your idea of the perfect vacation is in a beautiful woodland hideaway, a cabin in the woods could be perfect for you. Get back to nature and enjoy a peaceful and serene break filled with hiking, fishing and picnicking out in the woods. This is likely to be a less expensive option than some of the others, although you do have cabin maintenance to factor in. This will prevent the wood becoming weathered or attacked by pests. Depending on the size of the cabin and your DIY skills you could do this yourself, get your log home supplies from a site selling these kinds of products. Alternatively you could pay a company to come in each year and ensure that everything is kept up to scratch.

Three very different vacation homes, all with endless opportunities to be had. Decide on which is the best suited for you, as well as weighing up options for renting for an extra income.

Which of these vacation homes would be your perfect choice?


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