7 Weekly Workout Plans You Need to Know

7 Weekly Workout Plans You Need to Know
7 Weekly Workout Plans You Need to Know

There are so many workout plans out there that the search for an ideal plan can become overwhelming. But essentially, most good workout plans are a combination of exercising that requires you to move every part of your body. Furthermore, a good workout plan combines endurance, strength, flexibility, and stability exercises. So, with that in mind, here are the 7 weekly workout plans you need to know about.

girl in a gym doing weight lifting
health club: girl in a gym doing weight lifting
  1. High-intensity intermittent exercise (HIIE)

Although it was previously recommended to do aerobic exercising for optimal fat loss, now we know that fat loss from such workout is negligible. Instead, a growing body of research is pointing out to the fat-loss benefits of HIIE workout plans. This type of exercising involves brief sprinting at a high intensity followed by short periods of rest. Other than effective fat burning, HIIE is great for its time-efficiency because you get to work at a high intensity for a fraction of the time another exercising requires.

  1. Zumba Incredible Results System

Zumba is a dance-fitness program created by a Colombian choreographer called Alberto Perez. There is also a special program called Incredible Results that includes a weekly eating plan for fast weight-loss results. Those looking for a moderate-intensity workout program may find Zumba to be their best choice. The program is also fun as it combines dance, music, and exercising. It is also great for people with chronic illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis as it is a suitable low impact moderate activity that improves aerobic capacity while reducing the risk of injury.

  1. Slim in 6

Slim in 6 workouts is a weekly program that is designed to help you reach your weight goals in 6 weeks. It is easy to follow fitness program combining cardio exercises, weight bearing, and calisthenics. Other than that, nutritional guidelines are also included. A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that a combination of light strength training programs with calisthenics similar to that of Slim in 6 improved muscle strength and body composition in mature women.

  1. Insanity Workout

Labeled the world’s hardest fitness program, Insanity is supposed to offer insane results in just a couple of months of maximal interval training exercising. This means that you work at 3-minute intervals with 30 seconds of rest between each interval. According to some studies, this type of exercising improves oxygen uptake much more efficiently than moderate exercising. This also supports your body’s ability to burn fat more efficiently.

  1. Focus T25

We should suspect that the creator of Intensity knew what he was doing when he created the Focus T25 10-week program for those looking for fast results. To carry out this program, you only need 25 minutes of free time for 5 days a week and the will to carry out the program’s dynamic high-intensity exercises. The program has also included dietary guidelines in case you need nutritional advice while you sweat your way towards your goals. You can learn even more about fitness exercising on sites like Glozine lifestyle.

  1. 21-Day Fix

If you are short of time and have only a couple of weeks to get into shape, then this program is ideal for you. The program includes different 30-minute exercises for each new day which you should do every day for 3 weeks’ total. The program has also included colorful containers that you can use as a measure for the size of portions that you’ll be eating in the 3 weeks of intense exercising. The exercise program itself involves cardio, weight training, Pilates, and yoga making it a favorite among women.

  1. TurboFire

Another HIIE program, TurboFire helps you burn calories even when you’re not exercising. This is mainly because it involves so-called power drills. Power drills push your maximum limit for one minute which is followed by a rest of one minute. This kind of exercising results in an after burn effect according to a study published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition that found that calorie burning was more effective and even long-lasting following a high-intensity training compared to moderate exercising.


Although it can seem hard to choose a workout plan that would work for you, it comes down to your dedication and consistency. Most fitness plans listed here are said to offer visible results in a couple of months’ time of weekly exercising. The claims are probably justifiable because most include a combination of moderate and high-intensity exercising which studies show are the best for weight loss.


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