Exposed Aggregate Concreting – Features and the Areas of Application

Exposed Aggregate Concreting – Features and the Areas of Application
Exposed Aggregate Concreting – Features and the Areas of Application

Exposed aggregate has been in trend and is being liked by homeowners and architects even though many new finishes have taken up the market. The major reason of using these concrete finishes is that they are durable and also add to the aesthetics.


  • There are also too many other benefits which you can be sure of when you install exposed aggregate concreting in your property.
  • As this displays one lawyer less of concrete you can always be sure of its little pebbles showcasing look.
  • As this material is slip resistant a lot of homeowners wish to install these. If you are planning for a colorful look choosing these wisely will be important.
  • These slip resistant surfaces will be available in plenty of colors and therefore you can choose the one which is in sync with space where it is to be placed.

Different types of Exposures that you can opt for

  • Full exposed: aggregate is exposed revealing the main concrete surface part.
  • Sandblast finish: here only sand is revealed once exposed aggregate concreting is done.
  • Medium exposure: the cement and exposed rocks is equally revealed under this texture.
  • Light exposed: only the edges and the very top of the aggregate will be revealed.

When you choose an architect to help you with the same you can be sure of other variants too. They will suggest you with styles and finishes which you can install for added looks. Maintaining the minimum depth is essential for the exposed aggregate concreting.

exposed aggregate concreting

Go for an even Coating Technique for the Exposed Aggregate Concreting:

If you are looking for an even type of coating for the floor it is suggested that you pick on the new types of surface retardants which are introduced.

  • Once this is decided you will have to talk to them about the placement options which they will follow. Also, inquire about the mixtures just to get an idea about gradation and soundness of the material which is placed at the times of exposed aggregate concreting.
  • You have to carefully read all the instructions and make a note of the same when you are in conversation with the professional who is helping you with the installations.
  • These fittings will have to be properly done and therefore hiring professionals for the work will be compulsory. It is only then you can be ensured that it will all be done evenly and properly. This can sometimes be a little difficult but taking help of good and easy sources will help you find one who is the best.
  • Some good sources which you can follow for the research include taking references from people who you know or then surfing the Internet. With these looking out for the best will get easy and you will also be able to hire exposed aggregate concreting contractors who are skillful.

When you are looking out for the exposed aggregate concreting contractors make sure you take a look at a few of their traits. It is because only then you can be assured of the work that they will offer you with. Taking a close look at the experience held by them will give you a fair idea of the work that they do and the kind of projects they are capable of accomplishing. With this, you will be able to decide whether to hire them for your project or not. You will also be able to analyze whether they can perform in a way where you can get good value for all the money invested.


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