Add Beautification and Security with Roller Shutters

Add Beautification and Security with Roller Shutters
Add Beautification and Security with Roller Shutters

Security is one of the prime concerns for us. With the rise in crime around us, it is imperative to keep our residential surrounding as secured as possible. What people want today is an excellent combination of enhanced security doors and windows glazing with burglar or intruder alarm along with the adequate lighting inside the house is sufficient enough to provide them comfort against mishaps. All these go well with the security window roller shutters.  Although these shutters come with an attached price, yet they are excellent source of security combined with elegant designs. These shutters might be expensive but these do not give the resident a feeling of being stuck inside a house as they can be cranked up or down manually or electronically. These shutters are fairly corrosion resistant and these are available in various designs, colors and finishes to match the interiors of the house.

security window roller shutters

Advantages of Security Window Roller Shutters:

  • They create extra barrier for the intruder to sneak inside the house. The shutters are difficult to be broken or detached from external surface making it difficult for the intruder to enter.
  • They create a barrier from outside and they make it difficult for the outsider to see inside the house.
  • They protect windows from vandalism. They also provide extra shield of protection to house in case there is a broken window.
  • They shade the house making it cooler during summers and warmer during winters. They can also protect windows against hail damage or other extreme weather conditions.
  • They can be used at variety of places like doors of houses, kitchens, garages, schools, vans and warehouses etc. At many places they are a subsidized by government as a part of security benefit schemes.

Since the external security option makes the house safe but on the other hand it also makes many intruders suspicious of the valuable inside. Thus maintenance and regular servicing of these roller shutters is important to maintain the security levels in the house.

Fixation of these shutters is not an easy task. The experts visit the house; understand the requirement and purpose of the shutters, take exact measurements and thereafter the installation happens. With the variety of design, types and colors available in the market, having roller shutter installed in a house has become a fashion statement with security benefits. Usually, these shutters are horizontal slats tightly hinged together expanding the options they are also available in bars and web systems.

window roller shutters

Types of Window Roller Shutters:

  1. Insulated Roller Shutters: These help in energy conservation and protection against uncalled for weather conditions. As additional bonus they do not just provide extra security but they also keep the unnecessary noise away.
  2. Security Roller Shutters: These are used for both commercial and domestic purposes. They come either in aluminum or steel varieties. Their purpose is to provide security against burglary and additional security.  These are mainly electronic shutters that can be rolled up or down easily.
  3. Fire rated roller shutters; are used at places where temperature is on rise. They are a combination of fire integrity and heat protection.
  4. Commercial Roller Shutters: These are made of galvanized steel that is rust proof and weather proof. They are mainly used in warehouses, shops etc.
  5. Industrial Roller Shutters: They come in all shapes sizes and designs with high gloss finis to maintain the professional and secured look along with elegance. More often they are seen in all, office complexes or large industrial buildings etc having high quality designs that are tailor made to requirement. They are fitted with extra security features and locking bolts for additional security.

These security roller shutters are a great combination of aesthetic looks and security combined into one.


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