Xirena Face Reveal: The Face Behind The Pink-Haired Anime Girl

Xirena Face Reveal

“A woman written in mystery is worth a curiosity trip.”

For five years, she presented herself in the form of an adorable pink-haired avatar. Her supreme gaming skills make people gasp for breath. Her sweet voice and witty interactions are always a treat for her followers. But what makes her more appealing, attractive, and tempting is the air of mystery that envelopes her. Anyone could kill to know who this mystery girl is. And, to oblige her fans and followers, she finally relinquished the shroud of mystery. Everyone was waiting for Xirena face reveal.

Xirena is a famous Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and social media star who uses an anime avatar online. She managed to hide her name, identity, and face for over five years but succumbed to the affection and demand of hundreds of millions of her fans, who desperately wanted to see the face behind that pink-haired anime girl.

If you also belong to her long list of ardent lovers, let us give you a generous dose of information about your favorite anime girl. Read further to know everything you should about Rena face reveal, age, background, family, and more.

Xirena face reveal: Why did she hide her face?

Before we tell you anything about Xirena’s most anticipated face reveal, we should tell you why she kept her name, face, and identity a secret in the first place.

The answer to this is that Xirena wanted to keep all the attention and harassment at bay. She was always aware of the harassment that comes as a part and parcel of being famous. She wanted to safeguard herself and her family from all the unwanted negative elements associated with being famous and so, she decided to keep her name and identity a secret from the world. Also, she was in love with the idea of creating a personality in stark contrast with her, someone who is her but not exactly her. Also, she revealed that she was not very confident regarding her physical appearance and voice. She wasn’t sure if she would be able to meet the expectations of her fans. Apprehensions about being criticized and judged led her to keep her real face hidden.

So, she created a cute pink-haired anime with pretty blue eyes and cat ears. The world loved her anime avatar but always wanted to know about Xirena face. Now that she is no more under the spell of insecurities, she happily decided to take a bold step. After spending more than five years behind her anime avatar, Xirena finally revealed her face.

Let us know more about Xirena.

ProfessionTwitch Streamer, YouTuber and Social Media Star
Elizabeth Rancourt Age20 Years
Elizabeth Rancourt HeightNot known
EducationNot known
DOBNot known
Zodiac SignNot known
Years Active2013-present
SpouseSchrodinger Lee (rumored)
ParentsNot known
InstagramNot known

Things that make us curious about Xirena

Xirena is a famous Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and social media personality. She has impeccable gaming skills that make her a known name in the gaming world. Her witty commentary and cool avatar also made her the most loved streamer. She has a fan following of more than 265.5k on Twitch and around 437k subscribers on YouTube. These numbers tell a lot about her popularity among gamers.

Xirena kickstarted her career as a streamer in 2018 by creating a Twitch account. Although she plays many games, she is most famous for playing first-person shooter games, such as Apex Legends, Call of Duty, and Valorant. Other genres that she likes include simulation, horror, and indie games. She also plays Sudoko, Crossfire, Gartic Phone, and Minecraft.

Apart from gaming, she also streams to interact with her followers, fellow Vtubers, and streamers, such as Nekomata Okayu, Gura Gura, and SchrodingerLee.

On the personal front, Xirena has an Australian accent, which indicates that she grew up in Australia. Her fans call her Rena or Reyna.


Xirena started playing games online as a hobby. Over time, she got the hang of various games and started getting better with time.

She started playing Valorant (released in June 2020) even before joining Twitch. In 2018, she started her stint with Twitch.

Xirena face reveal

After spending five years behind a cute anime face, Xirena finally decided to step forward and show her real self to the world. She took the world by storm by announcing that she was going to reveal her face on Twitch channel at 8 pm CET on January 14, 2023. She announced that she had something important to share with her fans and viewers and thanked them for their support. This announcement shook her fans, followers, and the entire streaming community that was fascinated by her anime avatar and the mysterious face behind it. Rena Valorant, Rena Face Reveal Valorant, Xirena Valorant, etc., became the common search quotes. The entire world waited patiently for this face reveal.

The most anticipated Xirena face reveal happened at the scheduled time. Xirena went live on her Twitch channel and started the stream. But she did not show her face immediately after starting the stream. She played online games with her friends for some time and then suddenly switched to the full-screen webcam view. At this moment, her fandom came to a standstill. With a pleasing smile, a pretty face greeted everyone and said, “Hi everyone, I am Maria.”

The chat section went into a frenzy. Her fans sent all types of reactions ranging from happiness, shock, disbelief, love, and excitement to shock.

The world finally saw the face behind Xirena- a cute girl with a fair complexion, blonde hair, and green eyes. Xirena wore a black hoodie and glasses during the reveal. She looked gorgeous, and her fans showered her with love and admiration.

Her fans said that she looked nothing like her online avatar. She received positive feedback not just from her fans but also from her fellow streamers and media outlets.

Her fans called her beautiful and applauded her bravery for revealing her face. People appreciated her looks, simplicity, personality, voice, smile, talent, and courage. Some called her cute and charming, while some told her she was their inspiration. Xirena’s popularity almost doubled with this face reveal.

Why did Xirena show her face?

The social media star created headlines with her face reveal. Many media outlets covered her story and wrote long articles about Xirena face reveal.

During the live stream, Maria, aka Xirena, told her fans about the reason to reveal her face and identity. She said how she was tired of hiding her face behind the mask and wanted to be honest and authentic. She also mentioned that she derived inspiration from her fellow streamers, like Dream and Corpse Husband, who had walked this path before her.

Xirena expressed her gratitude for the love and support she receives from her fans and requested everyone to support her in the future, too. She mentioned that she streams because of the love she receives from her fans. She answered all the questions that her fans and other streamers asked her.

Xirena face reveal stream lasted for more than two hours.

How Xirena face reveal has impacted her career?

This face reveal proved to be a turning point in Xirena’s streaming career. Although she was already popular in the streaming community, her popularity multiplied by leaps and bounds after this two-hour-long stream.

Her fans, fellow streamers, news outlets, and media channels applauded her courage and honesty. Also, showing her real face to the world opened many avenues for her. Showing her face, talking about her insecurities, and discussing her future plans enabled her to connect on a deeper and more personalized level with her fans and followers.

Future plans

During her Xirena face reveal stream, she also threw some light on her plans. She mentioned that she will continue streaming and creating content, but now it will be coated with confidence and a sense of freedom. She also mentioned that she loves her avatar and wishes to use it sometime in the future, too.

Xirena also expressed her desire to connect with her fans and followers on a deeper level, and wishes to share more about her life with the online world. She also told her fans about the projects and collaborations in the pipeline, such as creating merch, starting a podcast, and collaborating with other streamers.

It would not be wrong to say that this face reveal made Xirena more confident and strong. She is more motivated and has a broader outlook than ever. She wants to take a chance and explore new opportunities.

Social media presence

Xirena is a social media star. She is popular on various social media platforms and has a massive following.

Xirena joined YouTube on October 1, 2013. She wasn’t very active on YouTube earlier but started uploading videos regularly from last year. She has uploaded 68 videos to date and has earned a collective view of 32,386,837. Her most popular videos are “A viewer knew the CHAMBER in my game” and “Valorant e-daters gone wrong” with 1.5 million views on each video, followed by “I tried to make him jealous/ Valorant” with 1.4 million views and “My relationship with SchrodingerLee” with 1.3 million views. All these videos are around one year old.

Her latest video is “I competed in a Valentines Tourney”. She posted it six months ago. It has 311k views.

Xirena is also active on TikTok. She has 514.2k followers and 13.3 million likes on this social media platform. She reached the milestone of 100k followers on TikTok in 2021.

Her description on all her social media channels reads- “The girl that likes the gravitational uranium neuroblaster”.

Here are the details about her social media handles.


Xirena age, real name, and family

There is no substantial information about Xirena’s age because she has not yet revealed her date of birth, but she seems to be in her 20s.

During Rena face reveal, she told the world that her real name is Maria. But she did not splurge any detail about her family or past life.

Personal life

Although much is not known about Xirena’s personal life, her fans and followers think she is dating a fellow streamer.

If rumors are to be believed, Xirena is in a romantic relationship with the famous Twitch streamer Schrodinger Lee. According to her fans, the streamers are often seen flirting with each other during their collaborations, which happen often. They are also often seen enjoying dinners with each other.

The rumored couple has never made any such claim in public.

Xirena net worth

As of 2023, Xirena’s net worth is estimated to be $212,074. Her estimated regular earnings are $475, weekly earnings are $3,333, and monthly earnings are $14,442. On average, she makes $173,300 every year through her online channels. This estimation is based on several factors, such as her current audience, regular views, advertisements on her channel, and more.

Xirena makes most of her money through online streams on Twitch, advertisements, and donations. Her Twitch subscription plan also brings good money. Her YouTube ad revenue is also mind-blowing. She also makes money through brand collaborations and sponsorships. She has worked with several famous brands such as HelloFresha, e-pal, and more.

Final thoughts

Xirena face reveal added new dimensions to her career and life as a whole. She has emerged to be more positive, confident, and happier than ever. We hope Xirena achieves everything she plans to achieve and keeps creating entertaining content for us.

Frequently asked questions

1. Who is Xirena?

Xirena is a famous Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and social media personality.

2. What is Xirena’s real name?

Xirena’s real name is Maria.

3. How old is Xirena?

Xirena seems to be in her 20s.

4. When did Xirena reveal her face?

Xirena did a face reveal on Twitch on January 14, 2023.

5. Who is Xirena’s boyfriend?

According to her fans and followers, she is dating Schrodinger Lee, her fellow Twitch streamer.


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