Switzerland’s Huge Eurovision Win: How Does it Compare?

Switzerland’s Huge Eurovision Win

The Eurovision Song Contest is a captivating blend of diverse cultures, musical styles, and flamboyant performances, all converging on one spectacular stage. It’s not just a music competition; it’s a celebration of unity and diversity, where countries showcase their creativity and national identities through song. From catchy pop tunes to heartfelt ballads, each performance offers a glimpse into the rich tapestry of European music and culture. 

With its larger-than-life performances and global audience, Eurovision continues to captivate viewers worldwide, making it a cultural phenomenon like no other. At last weekend’s final, favourites for the competition Switzerland romped to victory with one of the highest scores in the history of Eurovision. 

‘The Code’ by Nemo scored a total of 591 points, making it the top three for the highest scoring winners since 2016. Also, Switzerland chalked up +44 points more than their nearest competitor, Rim Tim Tagi Dim, by Croatia’s Baby Lasagna, making the victory one of the biggest landslides in recent Eurovision history.  

Here are some of the headline stats:

Top Scoring Countries in Eurovision

While Switzerland stormed to victory, they are trailing recent top scoring nations Ukraine in 2022, and Portugal in 2017. 

  1. Salvador Sobral – Amar Pelos Dois. Portugal (2017): Highest-ever score with 758 points
  2. Stefania – Kalush Orchestra. Ukraine (2022): 631 points
  3. Nemo – The Code. Switzerland (2024): They rose to third place with their last victory when they scored 591 points
  4. Loreen – Tattoo. Sweden (2023): 583 points
  5. Jamala – 1944. Ukraine (2016): 534 points

Most Streamed Eurovision Songs on Spotify

Nemo’s winning hit already as over 8 million Spotify streams*, but it isn’t the highest streamed Eurovision song by a long distance, there is some serious competitions. 

  • Duncan Laurence from the Netherlands tops the charts with his 2019 Eurovision-winning hit “Arcade,” amassing an impressive 1.15 billion streams. 
  • Italian rock band Måneskin’s 2021 winner “Zitti E Buoni,” has 461 million streams.
  • Loreen from Sweden, who won in 2012 with “Euphoria” has 110 million streams; with her 2023 track “Tattoo” has even more with million streams. 

Other Historical Eurovision Streaming Hits:

Outside of the recent stars, history is filled with examples of Eurovision stars making the crossover from stage to streaming, with some serious pop royalty including the likes of Abba and Celine Dion. 

  • ABBA – “Waterloo” (Sweden, 1974) – 320m streams
  • Loreen – “Euphoria” (Sweden, 2012) – 109m streams
  • Conchita Wurst – “Rise Like a Phoenix” (Austria, 2014) – 28m streams
  • Johnny Logan – “Hold Me Now” (Ireland, 1987) – 39m streams
  • Johnny Logan – “What’s Another Year” (Ireland, 1980) – 11m streams
  • Céline Dion – “Ne partez pas sans moi” (Switzerland, 1988) – 10mstreams

*stream numbers correct at the time of publishing.


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