Best Video Editing Tools: Create Video Contents In a Giphy


Editing is usually the last process that takes place before the video is finally displayed. This can be a time-consuming process, especially if you’re just starting out with video editing. Follow the below-mentioned techniques, tricks, and tips to create and edit your video and make it ready for your target audience through various social media platforms and your webpage.

Video marketing is the in-thing for businesses and brands, and it is only going to grow. So, get your hands on the editing part and eliminate the possibility of spending loads of money on editing your marketing videos.

Tools You Can Use to Create a Better Video Content

Editing videos using an intuitive online video editor is easy and can make your video content look good. Check out some of the best editing tools used by brands and companies around the world.

  1. RendrFX

RendrFX is a video creation and editing tool for marketing purposes and is generally free. RendrFX makes creating videos a lot easier by adding your content like graphics, images, text, colors, and other videos using designer graphics templates.

RendrFX can be used for all types of video, like Video ads, social media videos, logo introductions and publications, promotional videos, slide shows including music and other audio, explanatory videos, etc.

  1. Animoto

Animoto is another great and easy-to-use video maker, perfect for photographers and the general public who want to create beautiful videos for their families as well as for business. They just released a marketing video builder, which works great.

There aren’t many templates to choose from, but it’s easy to add the media you need and record your voice on it. You also have full control over how the text in the video is emphasized, creating video collages and splitting the screen using videos and photos shared with the text.

  1. InVideo

This application includes everything from filters, effects, templates, stickers, tools, and more. It saves you valuable time and money. A simple online video editor with effects – InVideo is designed for quick video editing using media from a huge library of great videos and music. It can help you create videos in 5 minutes and choose from thousands of photos, videos, stickers, and text boxes to edit them professionally.

  1. Wideo

Wideo is another tool that makes marketing videos as easy as possible. Your video creator is very easy to use, and even if you’re completely new to design, it’s easy to create animations with Wideo. You can also make many adjustments so that you can continue to create your original video for a while.

  1. Biteable

Biteable is an online animated video maker that even beginners can use. To start your video, you can use one of the templates or one of the hundreds of different styles of animated photos, scenes, and live-action videos.

You can also make your videos unique by adding your content. They also provide a selection of music clips to add to your video. Biteable allows you to create all types of video, including infographic videos, slideshows, presentations, company advertisements, etc.

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is the selection of the best video editing software used by professionals all over the world, thanks to its easy-to-use interface and best features. However, because of its price, it’s perfect for anyone planning a lot of video editing.

  1. Powtoon

Powtoon is another tool for creating animated videos. They provide ready-made templates that you can easily customize with drag and drop, so you can create animated videos and presentations in minutes. You can create videos for all kinds of uses, making them ideal for social media, email, and promotional purposes.

  1. Kizoa

Kizoa is a filmmaker and video editor with many additional features to help you create beautiful videos. You can choose from several customizable templates, or you can start from scratch. Then you can add all sorts of fun things to your video, text or animated text, hundreds of effects and animations, and an onsite GIF.

Create Video Contents and Edit them in a Giphy

  1. Keep everything in a neat folder

When working on a large project for the first time, you must always create a project directory and place some more folders labeled with graphics, music, sounds, ingredients, photos, etc., in that folder according to their type. Organizing your projects in this way gives you easy access to things and speeds up your workflow.

  1. Save it

Hard drives and memory cards can fail unexpectedly, so it is safer to keep a copy of your videos on Cloud storage, computer, and external hard drive. You must archive everything after the project is finished, transfer the file to a second external drive, and delete it from your computer. This way, you can free up computer space while maintaining two copies of your project.

  1. Use an appropriate online video editor

Video editor choices are all about control. All you need to do is throw some clips together and add some titles. Use a great and effective YouTube video editor and utilize keyboard shortcuts to edit your videos professionally.

  1. Edit the waste

Trimming is one of the most important editing tools that you’ll use a lot. You must trim the intro and the outro well after cutting the footage into separate clips. Clear the unwanted frame footage that looks like nothing important is happening and highlight the important event you want to present.

  1. Apply Beautiful colors

Coloring is all about color correction and color grading. Color grading is adjusting the contrast, brightness, and saturation so that all clips have the same color. Apply everything in natural colors and maintain visual consistency. Color consistency usually adds filters and effects to create the mood of the story and uses the same tools as color grading. There are no rules as this is all about aesthetics and creativity, which can vary from editor to editor.

  1. Tell a story

As you edit, always tell the story keeping the start, middle, end highly informative or entertaining. Editors are known to be some of the best storytellers out there as they have the potential to relate a random collection of shots and provide the final video structure.

  1. Use different shots

Keep your content visually interesting, and try switching things at a more interesting angle. Use cuts with caution, and don’t forget to cut the beat of the music or pause it when people are talking.

  1. Matching sound

Record your audio using a better microphone and a separate recording system. Visually match the waveforms or use software to integrate similar synchronization capabilities. Try picking up a microphone that can be directly connected to the camera and improve audio playback. Use appropriate music in the background or your intro/outro and connect with your audience emotionally.


You can experiment with multiple cuts and all kinds of editing techniques to focus on your style and the type of story you want to tell. Follow these tricks and experiment well while editing. You will slowly get used to following these steps, and every time you need to create a new video, it will hardly take a few minutes. You will be ready to post an awesome and professionally-edited marketing video for your brand. Use all the possible editing pros and use them best for your project.


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