7 Amazing Things Travel Does To Your Romantic Relationship

7 Amazing Things Travel Does To Your Romantic Relationship

While the thought of traveling to the most stunning places on the earth can be blissful, but traveling as a couple is a flat-out hard work. If you want to make it a successful trip, you’ve to pack patience, devotion and a lot of LOVE!

When you travel with a partner, you not only learn just about the new place. In fact, you see new, real sides of each other, uncover new emotions and moods, and pull back new layers of vulnerability.

Though traveling as a couple is like a rocky road full of bumps, it can be extremely rewarding you’re your serious relationship.

Here are 7 irresistible reasons why you should pack your bags and just run away with your significant other.

#1 Improves Intimacy

Did you know couples who often travel together are more romantic with each other than those who don’t? Well, that’s true!

A US Travel Association survey, conducted in 2013, revealed that traveling reignites the passion and romance among couples. You’re bound to enjoy better intimacy after a carefree day spent roaming the beaches of Hawaii than one spent doing laundry at home.

#2 Brings Out the ‘True’ of your relationship 

Travelling pushes you and your partner away from the comfort zones. It lets both of you be the real and discover the true negative and positive traits of each other. The combination of challenges, exhaustive globetrotting, and cultural shock highlights deeply hidden flaws and strengths of your relationship.

So, whenever in doubt about the seriousness of your relationship, take your partner to an adventurous escape. Keep an eye of how s/he acts towards you during tough or happy situations, and how s/he behaves with others during your time together.

#3 Improves Communication

7 Amazing Things Travel Does To Your Romantic Relationship lake

Travelling couples get more opportunities to talk to one another – on the flight, at the dinner table, in a hotel room, and on a taxi ride. You get more uninterrupted time on vacations than during your typical days, especially when you decide to disconnect yourself from the digital world.

Many couples admit that they frequently go on vacations just to have quality time together and reconnect with their partners.

#4 Gives Opportunities To Ask Tough Questions

Sailing, hiking, biking and driving together are the best times to have some deep and meaningful discussions with your significant one.

At these moments, you can ask your loved ones about previous circumstances, future goals, childhood, problematic relationship issues, lovely moments or anything touched to your soul.

#5 Gives An Opportunity To Compromise

Trip planning can be a polarizing experience for you. For instance, while planning a trip, you may discover that your partner has a serious love for nature. Maybe, it doesn’t allow for your desire to explore the history.

When situations like these arise, it’s important that you and your partner make a decision that both of you agrees upon. It might be skipping the nature walk and historical monument, and going for a bike ride or portrait painting.

#6 Replaces Tainted Experiences with New, Exciting Ones

You may have traveled to Lake Tahoe with your ex, but the terrible fight and breakup definitely spoiled your memory of that place. Travelling with your new partner is a great way to leave behind negative experiences in the past and create new, pleasant memories.

#7 Teaches Financial Cooperation

If you’re in a serious, long-term relationship, then financial savings for safe future may be one of your goals. Traveling together is a wonderful way to practice financial cooperation, which is necessary for marriage/cohabitation. Setting a budget and sticking to it can be challenging. So, make your trip be a practice run for your life together.

Overall, a weekend trip with your beloved is far more enriching and rewarding than shopping and alfresco dining. Give it a try!


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