Is Insidious on Netflix

Is Insidious on Netflix

One popular horror movie that has captivated audiences with its spine-chilling storyline is “Insidious.” However, the question on the minds of horror enthusiasts is: Is “Insidious” available on Netflix?

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the availability of “Insidious” on Netflix and explore alternative streaming options. Also, we provide insights on how you can watch this haunting film.

About Insidious

Before we embark on our quest to find “Insidious” on Netflix, let’s take a moment to understand the movie itself. Directed by James Wan and written by Leigh Whannell, “Insidious” tells the story of a family. He discovers their son is trapped in a realm called “The Further,” haunted by evil entities. Starring Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, and Lin Shaye, this supernatural horror film received critical acclaim for its eerie atmosphere, chilling performances, and effective scares. Since its release, it has become a favorite among horror enthusiasts.

Availability of Insidious on Netflix

While the availability of movies on streaming platforms can vary based on region and licensing, Insidious” is available for streaming on Netflix in certain countries. However, it is worth mentioning that when writing this article, “Insidious” is not available on Netflix in the United States. That can disappoint horror enthusiasts in the USA hoping to watch this spine-chilling movie on Netflix.

Is Insidious on Netflix

Despite its absence on Netflix in the USA, “Insidious” can be found on the platform in several other countries. Here is a list of ten countries where you can currently stream “Insidious” on Netflix:

  1. United Kingdom
  2.  Canada
  3.  Australia
  4.  Germany
  5.  France
  6.  Spain
  7.  Italy
  8.  Sweden
  9.  Norway
  10.  Denmark

If you reside in any of these countries, consider yourself lucky as you can indulge in the hair-raising experience of watching “Insidious” on Netflix. However, it’s worth noting that availability can change over time as licensing agreements are renegotiated, and content libraries are updated. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to double-check the availability of “Insidious” on Netflix in your specific country.

How to Watch Insidious on Netflix?

For viewers in the countries where “Insidious” is available on Netflix, here’s a guide on how to watch the movie:

  1. Ensure that you have a valid Netflix subscription: To access “Insidious” or any other content on Netflix, you will need an active subscription to the streaming service. If you’re not a Netflix subscriber, you can sign up for a plan on the Netflix website. Also, you can choose a subscription option that suits your preferences.
  2.  Log in to your Netflix account: Once you have a subscription, visit the Netflix website or open the Netflix app on your preferred device. Enter your login credentials to access your account.
  3.  Confirm the availability of “Insidious”: Perform a search for “Insidious” using the search bar or navigate to the horror movie category. Look for the movie’s title and thumbnail to ensure it is available for streaming in your country. Remember, “Insidious” may not be available in all countries where Netflix operates.
  4.  Click on the movie to access its dedicated page: Once you have located “Insidious” in the search results or within the horror movie category. Click on its title or thumbnail to access the movie’s dedicated page.
  5.  Begin streaming “Insidious”: On the movie’s dedicated page, you will find a play button or an option to start streaming the film. Click the play button, and Netflix will start streaming “Insidious” directly to your device.

How to Watch Insidious on Netflix from Anywhere?

If you are located outside the countries where “Insidious” is available on Netflix but still wish to watch the movie, there are ways to access and stream it using a VPN.

Is Insidious on Netflix

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to watch “Insidious” on Netflix from anywhere using a VPN:

  1. Choose a reliable VPN service: Numerous VPN services are available, both free and paid. Research a reputable VPN provider with good security, speed, and server coverage. Some popular VPN services include NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and CyberGhost.
  2.  Install the VPN application: Download and install the VPN application on your preferred device. VPNs are typically available for various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.
  3.  Launch the VPN application: Open the VPN application and log in with your credentials. Follow any additional setup instructions provided by the VPN provider.
  4.  Connect to a server in a country where “Insidious” is available on Netflix: After logging, select a server in one country where “Insidious” is accessible on Netflix. For example, you can choose a server in the UK, Canada, or any other country where “Insidious” is available.
  5.  Connect to the VPN server: Click on the connect button within the VPN application to establish a connection to the chosen server. The VPN will encrypt your internet traffic and assign you an IP address from the country where the server is located.
  6.  Open Netflix and stream “Insidious”: Once connected to the VPN server, open the Netflix website or app and log in to your account. You should now have access to the Netflix library of the country where the VPN server is located. Search for “Insidious” and start streaming the movie.

Alternative Streaming Platforms

Suppose you’re unable to find “Insidious” on Netflix or prefer exploring other streaming platforms. There are several alternative options available where you can watch this spine-chilling movie. Let’s take a look at some of the popular streaming services that offer “Insidious” for streaming or rental:

Apple TV: Apple TV provides a comprehensive library of movies and TV shows. You can rent or purchase “Insidious” from the Apple TV app. It allows you to enjoy the scare and suspense of the movie on your Apple device.

Amazon Video: Amazon Video also offers many movies and TV shows. You can rent or purchase “Insidious” from Amazon Video, giving you the flexibility to watch it on various supported devices.

Google Play Movies: Google Play Movies allows you to rent or buy digital movies, including “Insidious.” Once rented or purchased, you can stream the movie on your Android devices, Smart TVs, or the Google Play Movies website.

YouTube: YouTube offers a rental service where you can find “Insidious” and stream it directly on the platform. You can rent the movie for a specified period and watch it on various devices compatible with YouTube.

Microsoft Store: The Microsoft Store provides a wide range of digital content, including movies. “Insidious” is available for rent or purchase, allowing you to watch it on your Windows devices, Xbox consoles, or compatible streaming devices.

Redbox: Redbox, known for its DVD and Blu-ray rentals, also offers digital rentals. You can rent “Insidious” from Redbox’s online platform and stream it on supported devices, providing a convenient option for movie enthusiasts.

DIRECTV: If you’re a DIRECTV subscriber, check if “Insidious” is available for on-demand streaming through your DIRECTV receiver or app. This option is handy for those already subscribed to DIRECTV services.

AMC on Demand: AMC on Demand is a streaming service AMC Networks provides. Depending on your cable or satellite TV provider, you may have access to AMC on Demand, where you can find “Insidious” for streaming if it’s currently available.

Vudu: Vudu is a popular digital video rental and purchase platform. You can rent or buy “Insidious” on Vudu and stream it on various devices, including smart TVs, streaming devices, and gaming consoles.


In which countries is “Insidious” available on Netflix?

“Insidious” is available on Netflix for streaming in countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. However, it may only be available in some countries where Netflix operates.

Can I watch “Insidious” on Netflix in the United States?

As of 2023, “Insidious” is not available on Netflix in the United States. Viewers in the USA can explore alternative streaming platforms or rental services to watch the movie.


In conclusion, while “Insidious” may not be available on Netflix in all regions, there are various avenues to explore to watch this spine-chilling movie. Netflix subscribers in select countries can directly enjoy the scares and suspense of “Insidious” on the platform. A reliable VPN service can grant access to “Insidious” on Netflix by changing your virtual location.

Alternatively, other popular streaming services like Apple TV, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, YouTube, Microsoft Store, Redbox, DIRECTV, AMC on Demand, and Vudu offer “Insidious” for rental or purchase. These platforms widen your options and allow you to enjoy the terrifying tale of “Insidious” from the comfort of your home.


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