The best family tour or why choose the Emirates for your child’s vacation


The United Arab Emirates is a country for those who want to experience oriental exoticism, but, at the same time, appreciate comfort. The United Arab Emirates is the embodiment of oriental tales. This is the country of the hot sun. It is hard to believe that quite recently a lifeless desert stretched on the site of megacities, the country’s economy was in decline, and the locals could not boast of any wealth.

Today, the UAE is a country where both adults and children will find entertainment to their liking and experience a truly heavenly vacation. While the kids visit the numerous water parks and entertainment centres, adults can rent Rolls Royce in Dubai and enjoy luxury and speed. Sports car rental Dubai will give you the opportunity not only to feel the luxury and comfort, but will also allow you to move around the hot climate in comfort, which is especially important when planning a trip with your little travellers. The rental company will offer you the best option for your needs. You can choose the exotic car rental you have always dreamed of and spend your whole family vacation travelling with it. 

Why should you travel to the UAE with children? 


This is the most important thing when you are taking your family to another country. This is even more important than a high level of comfort and a million entertainment options. The country is considered one of the cleanest and calmest in the world, in addition, all security measures are observed here. The UAE has a high level of medicine, and you can buy any medicine in local pharmacies.


A well-bred aesthetic taste from childhood is only a plus in the future. Children perceive beauty very strongly and rejoice when they find themselves in an oriental fairy tale with palm trees, the sea, beautiful buildings, and hotels-palaces. In addition, as years of experience show, children develop faster when they travel.

Travelling with a child to the Emirates is a contribution to his happy future. This is a great opportunity to lay in his character the desire for beauty, for the best, for comfort, and for safety. 


The UAE has a lot of entertainment options, such as parks and water parks, walking streets and embankments with bright playgrounds, and game rooms.


Delicious, safe food. All shopping centres have different cafes, you can eat with the whole family. Food is prepared from fresh products, and sanitary standards in the UAE are strictly observed everywhere, even in small street cafes.

This country has everything you need for recovery and a good mood: beaches, sea, sun, and healing sea air.

And yet, in the Emirates, they love children very much. Both in large and small hotels, 

children are treated kindly, attentively, and respectfully, like little princes and princesses. 

Some places to go with your kids to: 


It is located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and provides educational and entertainment opportunities for children. This is an interactive city created exclusively for children, allowing them to play various professions and participate in real-life activities. From a doctor or a firefighter to a chef or a pilot, KidZania offers children the opportunity to learn through play while developing creativity, teamwork and essential life skills.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo:

It is a mesmerising water wonderland. Children can explore the underwater world through the massive observation deck, which features a variety of sea views. The aquarium also offers interactive exhibits, including a walk-through tunnel and an underwater zoo where kids can get up close and personal with adorable sea creatures. 

Louvre Abu Dhabi:

It is not only an architectural wonder, but also a treasure trove of art and culture. While it may not be exclusively for children, this museum provides a fantastic opportunity for children to appreciate world-class art and historical artefacts. The museum offers family tours and workshops, providing a fun and educational experience for children.

Ski Dubai:

The extraordinary indoor ski resort Ski Dubai, located in the Mall of the Emirates, offers winter adventures in the heart of the desert. With slopes for skiing, snowboarding and sledding, children can experience the joys of snow and winter sports. Ski Dubai also offers a penguin encounter where kids can meet and interact with adorable penguins in a supervised environment.

Dubai Parks & Resorts: 

It is a colossal entertainment destination comprising three separate theme parks: Motiongate Dubai, Bollywood Parks Dubai and Legoland Dubai. Motiongate Dubai brings Hollywood to life with attractions based on popular films and franchises, while Bollywood Parks Dubai showcases the vibrant world of Indian cinema. On the other hand, Legoland Dubai offers unique entertainment for kids with rides, shows and creative building activities with their favourite LEGO bricks. 

Final Thoughts

The UAE is a wonderful country for family holidays, especially with children. Here you will find luxury resorts, the best hotels and a huge variety of entertainment for everyone.

Understanding what you want from your vacation (water parks and attractions, quiet walks, the beach, malls and excursions) will help you decide on the place of residence and time for the flight. The best holiday with children in the UAE is a pre-planned holiday!


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