Is The Fosters on Netflix

Is The Fosters on Netflix

The world of television has witnessed numerous captivating shows over the years, and one such series that has left an indelible mark on viewers is “The Fosters.” This heartwarming drama follows the lives of a multi-ethnic family led by a lesbian couple, tackling various social issues with empathy and nuance. As an avid fan or potential show viewer, you may wonder if “The Fosters” is available on Netflix.

This popular streaming platform has revolutionized how we consume entertainment. In this article, we will explore the availability of “The Fosters” on Netflix, explore alternatives, and discuss regional variations in streaming availability.

Background of “The Fosters”

“The Fosters” is a critically acclaimed American television series that premiered on June 3, 2013. Created by Peter Paige and Bradley Bredeweg, the show centres around the lives of a multi-ethnic family, focusing on the foster and biological children under their care. The series tackles various social issues, including race, religion, mental health, and the complexities of family dynamics.

Is The Fosters on Netflix

The show is in the fictional town of San Diego, California. It follows the lives of Stef Adams Foster (played by Teri Polo) and Lena Adams Foster (played by Sherri Saum). They are a lesbian couple who serve as foster parents. Stef is a police officer, and Lena is a school vice principal. They create a loving and supportive home for their biological and foster children.

Availability of “The Fosters” on Netflix

“The Fosters” first premiered on June 3, 2013, on the ABC Family channel (now Freeform). The show gained a significant following during its five-season run, captivating audiences with its compelling storytelling and diverse cast.

“The Fosters” was previously available on Netflix in the United States. However, the series left the streaming platform in July 2020. It means that as of the current information available, “The Fosters” is no longer accessible for streaming on Netflix in the US.

The departure of “The Fosters” from Netflix is not uncommon. However, the licensing agreements between content providers and streaming platforms can change. While the show was once part of Netflix’s library, the service was removed due to various factors. That includes the expiration of licensing agreements or the content owner’s decision to move it to a different platform.

Why is The Fosters leaving Netflix?

When a popular TV show like “The Fosters” leaves a streaming platform like Netflix, it often sparks curiosity among fans as to why such a decision was made. In the case of “The Fosters,” the reason for its departure from Netflix is primarily due to the ownership of the show and the licensing agreements associated with it.

Is The Fosters on Netflix

“The Fosters” is produced and owned by Disney. That acquired the series as part of its acquisition of 21st Century Fox. As Disney expands its streaming services, including Disney+ and Hulu. It has been making strategic decisions about distributing its content across various platforms.

In the case of “The Fosters,” Disney decided not to renew the license for Netflix to continue streaming the show. Disney intends to focus on streaming the series on its platforms, allowing it to leverage the popularity and viewer demand for its streaming services.

This move aligns with Disney’s broader strategy of consolidating content under its streaming platforms. It can have more control over the distribution and monetization of its intellectual properties. As a result, Disney may choose to make its content, including “The Fosters,” exclusive to its streaming services. That provides viewers with more incentive to subscribe to these platforms.

Other Streaming Services to Watch “The Fosters”

While “The Fosters” may no longer be available on Netflix in the United States, there are several other streaming services where you can enjoy the series. These platforms offer alternative avenues for fans to watch and appreciate the captivating storylines and diverse characters of “The Fosters.” Here are some notable streaming services to consider:

Hulu: Hulu is a popular streaming platform that offers a wide range of TV shows and movies. It includes content from various networks and offers current and past seasons of many beloved series. “The Fosters” can be streamed on Hulu, allowing you to experience the entire series.

fuboTV: FuboTV is a streaming service primarily focused on live sports. But it also offers a selection of entertainment channels and shows. “The Fosters” may be available on-demand through fuboTV, allowing you to catch up on episodes or binge-watch the series.

Freeform: Freeform, the original broadcaster of “The Fosters,” provides an official website and app to stream show episodes. Freeform often offers select episodes or entire seasons of their original shows for online viewing, making it a convenient option to watch “The Fosters.”

Spectrum On Demand: If you are a Spectrum cable subscriber, you may have access to Spectrum On Demand. This service lets you stream TV shows and movies, including “The Fosters.” Check with your Spectrum provider for availability and streaming options.

Sling TV Orange: Sling TV is a popular live TV streaming service that offers different channel packages. Sling TV Orange includes Freeform as part of its lineup, which means you can watch “The Fosters” as it airs or access on-demand episodes through the service.

Apple TV: Apple TV provides a platform for streaming TV shows and movies. It may offer “The Fosters” for purchase or rental through its iTunes store. You can enjoy the series on various Apple devices by accessing Apple TV.

Amazon Video: Amazon Video offers a vast selection of TV shows and movies for purchase or rental. You can check if “The Fosters” is available for streaming or individual purchase through Amazon Video’s website or app.

Google Play Movies and TV: Google Play Movies and TV is another platform that offers digital copies of TV shows and movies for purchase or rental. “The Fosters” might be available for streaming or individual purchase through this service.

Vudu: Vudu is a digital video-on-demand service where you can rent or buy TV shows and movies. It is worth checking if “The Fosters” is available for streaming or purchase on Vudu.

Popular Shows Similar to “The Fosters” on Netflix

While searching for “The Fosters” on Netflix, you may also be interested in exploring other shows with similar themes or genres. Netflix’s recommendation algorithm can provide valuable insights into related series that align with your preferences. By delving into these recommendations, you may discover captivating shows that resonate with you like “The Fosters” does.


Some potential recommendations could include “Party of Five,” “Switched at Birth,” “One Day at a Time,” and “Shameless,” among others. These shows tackle various social issues, feature diverse casts, and offer compelling narratives.

FAQs on Is The Fosters on Netflix

Why is “The Fosters” leaving Netflix?

“The Fosters” is leaving Netflix primarily because Disney, the owner of the show, decided not to renew the license for Netflix to air the series. Disney has been making strategic decisions about distributing its content across various platforms as it expands its streaming services.

Can I still watch “The Fosters” on Netflix in other countries?

The availability of “The Fosters” on Netflix can vary depending on your region. While it has left Netflix in the United States, it may still be available on Netflix in other countries. It is recommended to check your local Netflix library to determine if the series is available in your location.

Where else can I watch “The Fosters” now that it has left Netflix?

Apart from Netflix, there are other streaming services where you may find “The Fosters” available for streaming. Some notable platforms include Hulu, FuboTV, Freeform, Spectrum On Demand, Sling TV Orange, Apple TV, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies and TV, and Vudu. These platforms may offer the series for streaming, rental, or purchase. It’s recommended to explore these alternatives to continue enjoying “The Fosters.”


“The Fosters” is a powerful and impactful television drama series that has captivated audiences with its compelling storytelling, diverse representation, and exploration of social issues. While the show may no longer be available on Netflix in the United States, there are alternative streaming platforms where fans can continue to enjoy this beloved series.


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