How to transfer Apple Cash to bank

How to transfer Apple Cash to bank

If you want to know How to transfer Apple Cash to bank account or even debit card and want to know how to do that safely and efficiently, this article is just for you!

Apple Cash is like an e-bank account, a way to send and receive money from your smartphone. You can use this cash as Apple Pay or move it wherever you want like in your own bank account. In this blog post, we explain step by step how to transfer your apple cash to your bank account safely and securely, without any hassles.

What is Apple Cash?

Apple cash is a quick and easy-to-use service for iPhone users. It is an e-card that you can use in places like Apple Pay places. It automatically appears in the Apple Wallet when you set up your iPhone. It is free to have service, but in some use cases, tax and fees are applied. It can be used to send or receive money directly through the Messages app or via Apple Pay-eligible services and places.

Minors can also receive Apple Cash from people who are a part of their Apple Cash Family and use it in Apple Pay-eligible places. This can enable parents to keep a check on their kids’ weekly or monthly expenditures and allow them a set amount of money through their Apple Cash cards. Teens can also transfer Apple Cash to wherever they want it to send and then use that anywhere they wish.

How to transfer Apple Cash to a bank

To transfer Apple Cash to a bank account, a compatible bank account is needed to make transfers, which is currently only in the United States. However, this will be updated and expanded soon to other countries.

On an iPhone, follow these steps to transfer Apple Cash to a bank account:

  1. Open your Wallet
  2. Go to your Apple Cash card.
  3. Follow the three dots on the upper part of your screen.
  4. Select the “Transfer to Bank” icon; you will see it directly in front of you (the second option).

Now a window pops up where you can enter the amount of money you want to transfer. It is worth remembering that the amount of money must be between $1 and $10,000 and must not be greater than your Apple Cash amount. There is also a seven-day limit of $20,000 transfer to a single bank account.

When you have entered the amount of money, you wish to transfer, tap “Next” on the top right. That’s it; your Apple Cash will be transferred to your bank account and will arrive in 1 to 3 business days.

Transfer fees for Apple Cash

Transfer fees are also applied in some cases while transferring your Apple Cash. Transferring Apple Cash to your bank is free of any fee or taxes. However, while transferring Apple Cash to your debit card, you will be charged 1.5% of the transfer amount as fees (minimum $0.25 and maximum $15).

Ideally, if you do not require your money immediately, a bank transfer is more economical, as it is free of tax and secure.

Can you transfer to a debit card?

Yes, you can transfer Apple cash to a debit card. To transfer your Apple Cash to a debit card, you are first required to link your debit card to the Wallet app by adding your card to the app through the plus button.


Verification processes are different for different card issuers, but once done, you must follow the same steps as in transferring Apple Cash to a bank account. However, instead of the “Transfer to Bank” option on your iPhone, select “Instant Transfer” and then tap on the desired debit card, and your money should be transferred to your debit card within one hour.


If you don’t get your money within two hours, you can contact Apple Support. However, it is worth noting that transfer delays are occasionally experienced by some users, and their payment processing is slow. This is because, at the end of the week, it takes more time to process the transfer because of weekends and bank holidays.

Apple Cash or Apple Pay?

Apple Cash is a digital card service that is a part of your iPhone Wallet app. It can be used to receive money from any friends and family members and use it in Apple Pay-eligible places. Moreover, you can even transfer cash to your friend’s and family’s accounts using Apple cash.

Apple Cash or Apple Pay?

On the other hand, Apple Pay is an iPhone-exclusive software used to make secure and safe payments from your Apple Cash or debit card linked to your Wallet app.

The plus side of Apple Pay is that it can be used to make contactless payments, and there is no need to carry your cards with you anywhere. You only need your iPhone. Other Apple devices also work with Apple pay, such as iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac.


Apple Cash is a convenient and easy-to-use digital card for receiving and sending money to friends and family. The plus side is that it can also be used to send and receive money directly through the Messages app, which is a very handy feature to quickly receive money from family members and spend it in Apple Pay-eligible places. Apple Cash is an extremely useful feature for Apple device users, especially those who are invested in the Apple ecosystem. Whereas for others, it’s not quite useful, or rather useless, because of the lack of Apple ecosystem connectivity.

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Apple Cash is also a very easy and safe way to send a set amount of money to your children and family members using the Apple Cash Family account feature. The money can be spent anywhere where Apple Pay is accepted. This feature can make parents safe and sure about their children’s money-spending situation and limit them from overspending.


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