Best Buy Learning Network – All You Need to Know

best buy learning network

Best Buy is a platform that offers learning solutions. The brand provides its range of offerings at an organizational level. Hence, as long as an organization is registered and on board with Best Buy Learning Network, all its employees can access a wide range of courses as per their choice.

The learning network Best Buy enables employees to learn about any topic they want and whenever they want. This unique learning network facilitates “learning on the go” for its employees.

The obvious question here is where does the content come from? Firstly, Best Buy has a content team that keeps working on creating and updating content. Secondly, companies that sign up with Best Buy also share their own content with them. This content is then merged with the content that Best Buy has. However, the manner of creating and presenting this content correctly is what Best Buy specializes in. This is where their contribution becomes indispensable.

What is Learning Network Best Buy?

Best Buy offers a wide range of training packages that you as a company can choose from. Not just this, Best Buy consistently tunes and tweaks the components of the packages to keep them updated. Hence, with the Best Buy learning network, you can ensure that your employees stay abreast of the latest on-goings of the industry.

It is a well-streamlined brand that enhances your employees’ skills by curating content in a way that makes an impact. To create and deliver best-in-industry content, here are a few things that the learning network Best Buy focuses on:

Improvement in content

This is something that they try to achieve by not just regularly updating their content but also by collaborating with their vendors/clients successfully. They do this by merging their own content with the relevant content that the client has. This concoction of content is then structured, proofread by experts, and delivered to the client in an easy-to-learn manner.  Sometimes they use a Studyclerk research paper for sale to make their content for clients even better.

Seamless integration with bbylearningnetwork

To activate their training and learning services for the client/company, Best Buy has the most seamless integration process. With minimal developer support, Best Buy ensures its clients can activate the platform in a jiffy!

Strategize for top-notch learner experience

Delivering updated content and easy-to-maneuver training packages is of top priority. Hence, their team creates fool-proof strategies so they can provide learning efficiently. With the learning network Best Buy, you can be assured that your employees will be given the best learner experience.

Boost selling experience

While selling comes easily to anyone who sells, only some salespeople can offer a great selling and buying experience. Best Buy focuses on moving away from selling space and shifting the focus more on creating worthwhile selling experiences.Speaking of selling, you don’t need to give away your personal items if you need money for an emergency. Simply consider the option of a title loan in Kentucky to help you out! If you qualify for this loan type, you could acquire funding in no time at al!

Content quality

Best Buy focuses on keeping its content in the right place, as that is at the root of its action. They focus on keeping their content legible and updated at all times, so learning doesn’t suffer.

Learning as a concept: Yesterday v/s Today

Learning and education have evolved over the years. What was considered an acceptable learning mode in the past may be considered ineffective today. The focus of learning and education has shifted from an approach that led to information overload to a process that focuses on efficacious learning.

BBY learning network not only creates training modules suited to your needs but also conducts regular surveys to assess what works today. For instance, learning from books has been the age-old approach. But does this work for professionals who need more time to sift through just the relevant parts of the book? Clearly, it doesn’t.

As per surveys conducted by the BBY learning network, one approach that is clearly considered archaic are power point style e-learning. While it was considered an efficient learning tool across classrooms and meeting rooms, it is now considered a dated tool.

Lack of interaction and irrelevant information on the slides are the topmost disadvantages. Also, lengthy presentations can lead to boredom and loss of concentration while learning.

Other modes considered helpful in the olden days are long videos and PDFs. While both were considered beneficial at different times, they have come to lose their importance in today’s world.

Most working professionals complain of losing concentration while watching lengthy videos. Videos often digress from the main topic which can be a distraction. On the other hand, PDFs feature at the bottom of the list of learning tools. Reading a lengthy document containing only content-heavy information and infographics can strain a working professional completely.

best buy learning network

Other archaic modes of learning

As per the observations made by Best Buy, specific tools of learning that are considered outdated are:

E-Learning containing multiple focuses

This can majorly deter learning as it leads to scattered information. It can also be quite distracting if the e-learning modules keep jumping from one topic to another. As a result, the learner ends up understanding nothing in its entirety.

Heavy speeds and feed content

Content-heavy training modules can create information overload and also perplex the learner. This is why Best Buy focuses on content that’s not heavy but sticky. If the learner retains the content, they can always apply or replicate it at work.

Marketing style videos/e-learning

While these videos are an effective promotional tool, they are less effective when used as a teaching tool. Most such videos need more quality content and instead focus on bringing out the promotional facet of their topics.

From the above, it is vital to conclude that while learning is the primary focus of Best Buy learning network, it is the target audience they cater to that also needs to be their prime focus.

Understanding target audience

As mentioned, Best Buy needs to understand its target audience to be an effective partner in learning. At the receiving end of its product offerings are working professionals. This is a category of the population that’s always fast-paced. There is an innate need for everything to be present on the go. This category also expects learning to be on the go.

This segment of the population needs value addition. If the training module offer does not add value to the current job role, it is useless. Hence, Best Buy regularly updates its modules and monitors the latest trends and innovations.

Another critical factor is since this is a highly qualified and skilled population segment, it is integral to offer post-sale support meticulously. This is why the Best Buy learning network offers smooth and approachable customer support to solve queries of their TG at all times.

Bringing a better learning experience

In its efforts towards building and delivering a superior learning experience, Best Buy focuses on the following:

  • Bit-size learning
  • Creative ways to teach
  • Content Quality

Bite-Size Learning

With this, Best Buy tries to create small (capsule-sized) content. So, they make training videos that ideally do not exceed 5 minutes because that’s the maximum concentration span of an adult who spends 6-8 hours daily doing office work.

Training modules are kept as compact as possible to avoid information overload and ensure that information is grasped and retained. Hence, the length of e-learning modules is also held within the standard 5-minute period.

best buy learning network

Creative ways to teach

While there can be many ways to teach, choosing an efficient method is always tricky. However, Best Buy has some of the most unique forms of teaching, such as:


Such videos are used mainly by influencers who are bloggers/vloggers to reveal lists of the best products within a specific category. However, as a learning tool, unboxing videos can be helpful when talking about lists or sequences. Because of the apparent association of such videos with popular blogs, etc., these videos play a significant role in grasping and retaining information.

best buy learning network

Interview Style

Interaction keeps the learner alert and active. Using this logic, Best Buy focuses on creating training modules that allow learners to interact while learning. This helps in avoiding boredom and loss of information.

90-second videos

Concise topics that can be explained in 90 seconds are presented via videos. Short videos are a great way to understand relatively easy or quick subjects. The most helpful feature of these videos is that these can be perused by employee even they are traveling or in office.

First-look videos

Similar to unboxing videos, because of the association of first-look videos with vlogging, these videos also are an effective way of learning.

Activities and Knowledge checks

Activities, rapid fires, or quizzes are great tools to facilitate easy topic revision. These help the learner to use the information they have grasped to be used right then and there. This leads to better retention of information. Also, it helps the learner mentally recapitulate all the learning in a structured manner. When practicing is followed immediately by learning, it leads to better understanding.

Content Quality

As a learning platform, this is the key for Best Buy to crack its target audience. Some important factors need to be fulfilled to ensure that content is on-point.

Firstly, there is content updation. As mentioned earlier, Best Buy keeps its content robust and updated. Their content team does intermittent RnD and keeps the content updated at all times.

Secondly, covering all details, such as What, How, Who, and Why, is very important. Hence, they focus on concise yet to-the-point and reasonably detailed content. This helps employees develop deep-seated knowledge quickly.

Thirdly, structured content is of utmost importance. Creating a sound structure that helps in quicker and swifter understanding and retention is essential. For fast-paced working professionals, knowing and applying the knowledge at the workplace is crucial.

Guidelines for vendor content

All companies that avail of Best Buy’s services, must remember the following points:

5-day buffer for content posting

Best Buy takes up to 5 days to review the content shared with them before they upload the same for usage.

2-step review process

All the content undergoes a simple 2-step review process. First is the technology review. This is done to verify that the material is in the correct format. The second step is to confirm that the content meets all guidelines.

Apart from the above guidelines, there is another set of guidelines that vendors must follow:

  1. Mention any other vendor
  2. Comparison between two or more vendors
  3. Comparison of SKU/Product from 2 or more vendors
  4. Direct or indirect comparison of technologies
  5. There are no self-proclamations such as: “World’s best…”, “Best in the Industry…”
  6. Usage of clear, detailed, and validated language on technology

Compliance and Adherence

To ensure undisturbed content delivery, Best Buy provides:

  1. eLearning modules adhere to SCORM 1.2 and ADL industry standards.
  2. Videos use compression that brings them under 20MB and use the H264 codec (.mp4 output) to ensure the best experience in stores.

ADA Compliance

All videos must be closed-captioned, whether standalone or embedded into an eLearning module. Additionally, if your eLearning has any spoken dialogue outside of videos, it must be captioned.

Hence, now we know how effective Best Buy learning network is. They offer best-in-industry training and learning modules. Also, ensure that modules suit the recipients’ needs.


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