One-shoulder burgundy side-slit satin bridesmaid dresses – make your pick for this autumnal wedding!


The fall wedding season is knocking on the doors of your office – as you sit inside planning your next project where the bride has requested you to keep the bridesmaid’s choice of one-shoulder burgundy side-slit satin bridesmaid dresses for the wedding. Though you could negotiate it to bring in an alternative in the form of the trending satin bridesmaid dresses, you are biting off your nails thinking of the coordination process. 

Well, that’s alright! Your constant searches have led you to the right page! This post will precisely discuss the trending one-shoulder gowns roaring the current market, the accessories that go with them, and the styles you can pursue. Why wait? Scroll down and check out this outline that can help you guide the preparation process for your next wedding venture. 

Dressing up the one-shoulder burgundy format 

Since you have been instructed that the color code for the bridesmaid dress is burgundy and one-shoulder, the issue here is – how to coordinate. Well, firstly – you need to choose the styles! The simple one, the double-layer with cuts, the mermaid pleats, the cleavage slit one-shoulder – you have a plethora of choices! Just note – that to get the variety of styles, you will have to check out a brand that has made a name for itself in the market. 

Now, since the shade is kept at burgundy – you can choose the one-shoulders of different styles and coordinate the bridesmaid accordingly. Otherwise, if the bridesmaids have a similar style, you can think of different hairstyles to match the look. Mismatch of dresses is in trend these days. Now – you can pair up these one-shoulder burgundy side-slit satin bridesmaid dresses with waistbands (the sleek ones) or with rhinestone belts. 

If the hairstyles are similar, insert similar small flowers into the locks to ensure that no two pairs have the same bloom. Embellish the final look with just diamond drops and a bracelet. Try leaving your neck free to let the one-shoulder do its job. 

A simple liner on your eyes and a light-hued lip tint should do the job.

#In case you have a budget on the higher side, you could just dangle a charcoal gray pashmina shawl or a simple stole (you can choose golden yellow as well) on this spontaneously aristocratic outfit to enhance the look. 

What if the one-shoulder burgundy side-slit satin bridesmaid dresses intrude? 

One-slit dresses in a variety of hues, such as shades of green and blue, or maybe the alternative choices such as – sage, terracotta, blush pink, coral, orchid, and champagne, to name a few, seem to be in demand in the current fall-wedding season. Now, if your client has chosen any of these shades for their slit dress – the ideal way to embellish them is to get the jewelry right. 

Stone ear drops or studs! You can also choose a hanging drop style in diamond or any other chosen stone. That done – next is the headband. You can get the traditional band, or you may also choose something like a tiara and fix it according to your chosen style. A must-have is a chunky statement ring adorning your finger. 

Smoky eyes and subtle lip tint, or wine-tipped lips and no-liner eyes – choose accordingly! 

#Since you have been given the option of choosing a one-shoulder in the burgundy shade also, you can combine this slit dress with the burgundy shade (check so that the shade of the slit dress complements the burgundy shade) and create a mismatched patterned look! 

Match with locks with the frocks 

As you have already read up – you must have understood how to coordinate the dresses per the requirement. Now – that’s done – the next aspect to consider is – the locks! Which hairstyle would suit the best with a one-shoulder burgundy dress? Here are some of the most-opted styles – 

  • Side braid and bloom is the perfect traditional hairstyle that will never go out! Some things must be kept standard, and there is nothing better than a side-braid with a floral tucked in with a bunch of them in your hands. The perfect Victorian-style bridesmaid look. 
  • Mirror french braid coming down to a ponytail! The french braid with a tail of hair hanging can never go wrong. You can always choose to adorn the locks with some white florals (or a lighter shade) and try placing the twigs in the knot itself. 
  • A simple ponytail. The one-shoulder gown is there to do the job, so you can simply leave your hair in a ponytail. Florals? Not with this one. Rather replace it with drop-down diamonds. 

Now, if you have to choose some hairstyle that would go perfectly with one-slit satin bridesmaid dresses, then that would be – 

  • Bold with the dress – be bold with the hair! The wavy hair with wine-red lips makes for that perfectly bold bridesmaid who knows how to be catchy and not subvert the bride’s look. You can choose the one-slit dress from any of the shades mentioned above. 
  • The long side-braid would always match this look! This is one of the traditional side-braids that you can choose from the options. What you can do is – adorn this braid with a little floral twig on every braid knot. Also, keep the braid on the side of the slit to mark your persona on that click! 
  • Cascade braid, anyone? This recent trend has been doing the rounds and perfectly fits well with the slit gown. You can grace this with a singular flower on the lower end. 

Go in for costume changes and determine which style suits the gown best. Also, in the case of flowers, it is advisable to stick to the standard – lily, chrysanthemums, gardenias, and daisies in comparatively lighter hues. White or a pale shade of the color is best.  Consult with your clients and figure out which suits them and the occasion best. 

Ready to rock! 

So, how were the ideas? As you can see – if you outline your wedding dress plan according to the guidelines mentioned above, you will be able to accommodate the – one-shoulder burgundy side-slit satin bridesmaid dresses in an alternative or coordinated manner. Try creating an outline and pin up this page in your bookmarks – so that you can come back and refer to it as per your requirement. 




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