6 Fashion Tips For Wearing Silver Jewelry


Today, it takes a lot of effort to be fashionable. It’s a good thing that for some pieces of jewelry like silver, you don’t need much. Using silver to accentuate your OOTD is pretty simple. 

Ever since ancient times, silver has been widely used. Modern-day Turkey is the first country that used silver as a monetary currency, but it was the British who first fashioned silver as an accessory in the 13th century. 

Silver jewelry has become trendy for people of all ages and statures. This is evident in the jewelry industry’s demand for silver, which reached 184.4 million ounces in 2021. 

To fashionably use silver, you need to remember the following tips: 

Silver Is Best With A Black Outfit 

The glimmer and shine of silver will be best showcased against a backdrop of black. On an evening of dancing and revelry, pair your silver hoop earrings in your little black dress. You will look elegant and priceless. More so if you put your hair up to draw attention to your face. 

Matching silver jewelry with a black dress gives a youthful vibe and an air of elegance. People might assume that you just celebrated your 18th birthday even in your 30s. 

Pair Silver With Dark Clothes 

Silver might be unnoticeable if you wear it with light-colored clothes like yellows and pastels. But it would stand out in dark-colored clothes like navy blue and burgundy. Wearing it in blue will make one look more urban, while wearing it in red will give an air of sophistication. 

What’s important to remember with wearing silver is contrast. The light hue of silver might look washed out if not paired with the right shade of clothing. Although silver could shine brightly on its own, that shine would be a waste if not appropriately highlighted.  

Wear Silver With Simple Patterns 

The simplicity of silver could get lost in a sea of patterns. If you plan to wear your silver, choose clothing with simple designs. Maybe a top with simple geometrical shapes or a floral that’s not too busy. Silver will stand out and be more appreciated amidst a simple or plain background.  

Layer Your Silver 

You might think layering is tacky, but not with silver. It’s alright to layer silver, especially if you’re wearing an LBD. You can do it with your silver necklaces in various lengths or with your stud earrings. You can even layer your rings. Just make sure not to overdo it.  

In layering, you should know when you’re too much. You must remember to avoid putting a lot that you lose the focal point of your accessory. If you fail to see the beauty of one piece of jewelry, chances are you went over the top. 

Use Silver On Your Hair 

Contrary to the common belief that silver jewelry on hair is only for formal events like weddings, it’s not. You can wear silver hair clips, glittering silver hair combs and pins, and even hair bands on ordinary days and feel like royalty. Put your hair up, stick that pretty silver pin on your luscious locks, and feel instantly pretty as it cascades down your back.  

Mix And Match Pieces 

Today’s fashion rules have become so flexible that what used to be the standard appears to be overrated. In the past, to say that your look put together meant you should be wearing matching or complementing colors. That’s not the case anymore. It’s alright to use clashing colors to reflect your style and personality.  

 The same goes with wearing silver jewelry. People might say that you can’t wear silver with gold. But what if you feel like it? Many celebrities have worn a mix of gold and silver, including fashion rule-breaker Rihanna, rockstar Pink, the Kardashians, and even style icon SJP.  

Limiting yourself to one type of jewelry may sometimes be bland, so injecting a pop of color and texture can be the key to leveling up your fashion style. Try putting silver and gold right next to each other. You may also try to create an equal balance of silver and gold or favor one by adding more. A trick would be to take a step back and look at yourself in front of a mirror and see if visually you have created a work of art.  

Using silver with colored gemstones is also something you can mix and match. Gemstones set on pure silver are stunning and would be great to mix with other jewelry pieces. The gorgeous green hue of emerald is perfect with silver, while pearl will look even more elegant and beautiful. If you want to exude charm and sophistication, your best bet would be sapphire and pure silver. 


 Wearing silver as a fashion accessory never lost its appeal throughout the years. Walking on the streets or the red carpet can make you look like a fashion icon, especially if you accessorize it well. Silver is very straightforward jewelry to use. The essential thing to remember is always to remember contrast to prevent drowning out silver.


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