7 Benefits Of Wooden Pallet Beds

Man making pallet furniture for bedroom close up. DIY project concept

Wooden pallets are typically made for storing and transporting goods. Since these pallets are naturally strong and durable, a great storage solution, and offer ease when stacking, they’re widely used in warehouses. 

Given wooden pallets’ great features, more people have started using them in alternative settings. There are many creative ways that wooden pallets can be customized to meet different needs. One of them is for making furniture. 

Wooden pallets have quickly become a standard material in furniture making. Many people choose furniture made of pallets, with bed frames being one of the popular options. They’re sturdy and affordable, making them a favorite among many households. 

So, if you’re considering getting a wooden pallet bed, it’s essential to choose the type of wood that works for you. There are numerous types of wood to choose from, including teak, mahogany, maple, oak, and walnut. In addition to the variety, you may have to choose between hardwood, softwood, or a mixture of both. On a practical note, you may have to settle for the type of wood available in your area.  

With so much variety, making the right choice can be pretty challenging. It would help to check out resources such as https://www.challengerpallet.com/ to get more information about various types of wooden pallets. Perhaps the most sustainable of them all are molded wooden pallets as they’re made from wood byproducts. 

Notwithstanding the type, ensure that the pallets you choose are manufactured according to industry standards and meet the required specifications. So, why are wooden pallets popular materials for bed frames? Below is a detailed discussion of the benefits that wooden pallet beds have to offer. 

1.Wooden Pallet Beds Are Affordable

If you’ve been in a furniture store recently, you can attest to the ridiculously high prices of most bed frames and headboards. Even though you can do without headboards, they have some great benefits. 

For instance, they protect the wall from damage and stains. Additionally, headboards help keep pillows in place while providing solid back support. However, buying a bed frame and a headboard can be expensive, especially if you’re working with a tight budget. 

Luckily, wooden pallet beds present a functional, aesthetically pleasing, and inexpensive alternative. Thus, they’re considered one of the best options for conventional beds.

Wooden pallets custom-made into unique beds are a wise buy and allow you to save a considerable amount. Prices range from USD$95 to USD$400 based on the size, type of wood, and if it comes with a headboard. 

Wooden pallet beds are inexpensive, thanks to the low prices of the timber used to make them. Additionally, constructing a wooden pallet bed doesn’t take much time and resources, making it cheaper than conventional beds. 

2.They Are Strong And Durable

Wooden pallets are well known for their strength and durability, which cannot be easily compromised. Its strength is demonstrated by the fact that they’re traditionally used in shipping containers with huge consignments.   

Some pallet beds are heat-treated in kilns to seal the wood. This treatment kills any bugs in the wood that might eat it and destroys the pallet’s integrity. In addition, you can boost the durability of wooden pallets by slowing down the rotting process. 

You can also get wooden pallets that are weather-resistant or make them yourself. The process of making your pallet weather-resistant is relatively easy and is discussed below.

First, clean the wooden pallet by removing any visible dirt or insects. Next, sand it well until you achieve a smooth and even surface. The even surface makes it easier to apply the coating without worrying about future cracks. 

Get your wood finishing product and apply it to the wood evenly. Coat every part of the wooden pallet bed, making sure to seal the wood completely. It’s advisable to use high-quality varnish or lacquer to make the wood finish last longer. Recoat regularly to protect the wood from the elements. 

3.You Get A Chance To Reuse Them

For people committed to conserving the environment, pallet beds are an eco-friendly option as they’re recyclable. You can choose to get a bed made from new wooden pallets. After the bed has served you well for many years, you can reuse the wooden pallets or upcycle them into different useful household items. 

Many people are creative and can come up with unique do-it-yourself (DIY) ideas for used wooden pallets, such as vertical planters, wine racks, chests, bookshelves, outdoor furniture, flower beds, and many more. With some woodworking skills, you can quickly transform old wooden pallets into functional items with a vintage vibe. 

Alternatively, you can use your old wooden pallet beds as firewood for your fireplace. You just have to take your bed apart and section the pallet into sizeable chunks that can fit into the fireplace. 

4.Wooden Pallet Beds Are Low Maintenance

Wooden pallets tend to deteriorate if left out in harsh weather conditions. If they’re constantly exposed to rain and moisture, wooden pallets will rot over time and become brittle or easily broken. Since pallet beds are kept in ideal conditions and away from the rain and harsh sunlight, they will last much longer. 

Most pallet beds have a water-resistant wood finish that makes them easy to clean. All you need to do is wipe off the dirt and grime using a damp cloth. 

However, for a pallet bed that has been around for a while, you may need to sand it down before applying a fresh coat of lacquer or varnish to restore its former shine. In addition, you need to keep the bed dry at all times. Compared to beds that need to be deep cleaned and conditioned, pallet beds are the exact opposite. 

And who doesn’t love a bed that doesn’t stain easily? The wood finish prevents staining, making wooden pallet beds very low maintenance.

5.They Are Stylish And Versatile

Since your bedroom is your sanctuary where you unwind after a long day, it should look cozy and conducive to sleep and relaxation, as well as visually appealing. And a big part of a stylish bedroom is the bedframe and headboard. 

Luckily, a wooden pallet bed provides stability and height for your bed and adds a significant style element. You can choose a pallet bed in any finish and design that perfectly matches your theme. 

Wooden pallet beds have a design that gives off a rustic and timeless look with simplicity and modesty. This timeless look is a great feature that saves your time for remodeling as it won’t go out of style. 

If you aim to achieve a modern bedroom, the pallet beds’ simplicity will fit perfectly with this concept. And with minimalism comes benefits such as being space-saving. And the space saved can be turned into a functional space. For instance, you can transform it into a reading corner or workstation or just leave it as is for an airy feel. 

Having more space will increase your comfort level while relaxing in your bedroom. In addition, wooden pallet beds have well-cut features that add character to your personal space while maintaining its minimalism.

So, the right pallet bed is perfect in terms of style, practicality, and comfort. If you’re going for a more rustic style, your pallet bed, with its lovely wood grain patterns, can be the statement piece in your bedroom. All you need to do is find lighting fixtures and wall paint that match it perfectly, and you’ll have a warm and inviting space. 

6.The Assembly Process Is Easy

Suppose you buy a ready-made wooden pallet bed that does not require assembly, then good for you. You only need to decide where to position it, then place the headboard against the wall. Afterward, you can put your mattress on the pallet bed frame, and you’re all set to enjoy your new bed. 

However, if you’re a DIY enthusiast, you might want to build your own pallet bed. There are different ways to assemble a pallet bed, depending on your preferred design and skill level. And the good thing is that you can easily make one using minimal materials. 

To begin, you need to gather the following tools and supplies:

  • Electric drill with screwdriver bit
  • Electric sander and sanding paper
  • Bolts, washers, and nuts
  • Caster wheels
  • Wood screws and angle irons
  • Wood glue
  • Wood varnish, lacquer, or paint plus brushes
  • Protective gear
  • Four wood pallets of the same size

It’s best to use pre-treated wooden pallets available from a hardware store. Otherwise, you will need to thoroughly clean the pallet boards before starting. The assembly process is discussed below:

  • Find a big enough working area that’s well ventilated. Next, don protective gear and sand the pallets using an electric sander. Ensure all the sides and surfaces are smooth. Pay careful attention to the edges to prevent any splinters. 
  • Wipe all dust from the pallets and make sure there are no sharp edges. Sweep, then vacuum the floor to remove all dust and debris before applying wood finishing. 
  • Decide on the look of your wooden pallet bed. For instance, if you prefer a rustic look that brings out the beauty of the wood grain, apply two coats of varnish or lacquer. Alternatively, you can paint the wood pallets any color that matches your bedroom’s color scheme. 
  • Leave the pallets overnight to dry. Regardless of your choice of wood finishing for your pallets, they need adequate time to dry.  
  • Once they’re completely dry, take your pallets to your bedroom and place some protective cover on your floor to prevent it from being scratched or damaged. 
  • Position the pallets in a square shape, with the underside facing up. Use wood glue to attach the pallets, ensuring they’re perfectly aligned.
  • Use an electric drill to make a pilot hole and countersink on each block. Use long screws, angle irons, washers, and nuts to fasten the pallets securely. Add pallet boards to guarantee a strong base if there are any gaps.
  • Fasten three industrial lockable caster wheels each on the top edge, bottom edge, and along the center using screws. 
  • Flip the pallet bed and lock the casters once you’ve moved the bed to your preferred position.
  • Place the mattress on top and lay your bedding and pillows to complete the look of your new picture-perfect pallet bed!

You may consider constructing a matching headboard if you’re up to it. 

6.Wooden Pallet Beds Are Easy To Repair

All beds are subject to wear and tear, especially after being used for some time. Accidents are also unavoidable, no matter how careful you are. For these reasons, getting a bed that can be easily repaired is crucial. Unlike most materials used in bedframe construction, wooden pallets can easily be repaired. 

In most instances, you may only need nails, a hammer, timber, and sanding paper to fix or replace a broken piece. Since you can easily repair your broken pallet bed on your own, you’ll be able to save a lot in the long run. 

The same goes for the bedframe. You can extend its lifespan by making timely repairs. You don’t have to replace it or build a new one. 

Bottom Line

Wooden pallets have gained popularity as a cheaper alternative to furniture materials. They’re strong, durable, and easily customizable. 

However, when searching for suitable wooden pallets to use, ensure they’re of high quality and long-lasting by seeking the advice of industry specialists. 

If you choose to make your own pallet bed, get pallets that look clean and don’t have unusual stains or markings. Stained pallets might mean they were used to transport dangerous chemicals or other toxic substances. 

Go for heat-treated, kiln-treated, or steam-treated pallets, as these are the safest options. Even though colored pallets might look pretty, avoid them as you can’t be sure if they’ve been treated with chemicals. 

Also, try to bend the pallets to gauge their dryness and sturdiness. Pallets shouldn’t bend when pressed. In addition, avoid those whose slats are too far apart and full of splinters.

Finally, after considering the numerous benefits of wooden pallet beds, you might be open to trying them. If that’s the case, your next decision would be to buy or build one. So, determine whether purchasing a standard, ready-made pallet bed makes more sense than constructing a bed you designed yourself.


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