Top 5 Ways to Sell Your Old Furniture


Furniture is an expensive item. Therefore, if you want to make a decorating change, you may want to sell your old pieces to have more money to buy more furnishings. You can choose one of several ways to sell your items to make your next furniture purchase less expensive.

So, what are the best ways to sell your old furniture and come out ahead price-wise?

Know the Various Styles and Brands When You Buy and Sell Furniture

When choosing furniture, it’s helpful to know the various styles and how period pieces are used to support a decorating scheme. The more you know about different styles, the more you’ll learn about the values of specific pieces when you buy or sell furniture.

It also helps to know the various brands. That way, you can advertise old pieces, sell them, and communicate more effectively with buyers.

Making Profits for Furniture Sales

Remember, the furniture you sell should be reasonably good, if not in excellent shape. If you use a site like AptDeco, you’ll get matched with a buyer, and you can list the furniture free of charge. You can make sales pretty fast by using good photos and providing all the details. 

1. Sell Your Old Furniture Online

One of the top ways to sell old furniture is by selling it online. Again, familiarizing yourself with brands and various furniture styles will allow you to buy and sell your furnishings more confidently. 

You can find platforms that allow you to upload your furniture and display it for sale. Craigslist is yet another venue you can use to sell second hand furnishings.

2. Sell Your Furniture to an Antique Store

If you have antique pieces, take them to an antique store and have them appraised. It’s also relatively simple to sell your furniture this way. Sometimes, the antique shop owner may visit your home to appraise and pick up the items. However, if they do not do this, you’ll need the proper means of transport to deliver the items for sale.

3. Hold a Garage Sale

You may do a spring clean-up and also hold a neighborhood garage sale. This will keep you from hauling old furniture to another site for appraisal. However, you might not sell the table too. So, you need to keep that in mind. It’s usually faster and more convenient to sell the furniture online.

4. Use the Facebook Marketplace

You can also use social media to sell old furniture. Facebook is the best medium for this type of activity. Upload photos and make sure your description is both concise and accurate.

5. Have a Company Pick Up and Sell the Furniture for You

Another way to sell used furniture is to contact a company online to pick up your furnishings and sell them. This makes things much quicker and easier. If you’re clearing out a house for an estate sale, you can contact an auctioneer or an estate liquidator for a faster sale.

Sell Your Furniture to Get More Value Out of What You Spend

Besides tables, chairs, and beds, you can also sell rugs and lighting fixtures. The number one way to sell these items is to go online to get your items sold quickly and dependably. Use today’s technology to make money and spend money on furniture more efficiently.


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