A look at the benefits of wood wall panelling: Why you should add this feature to your home


Are you planning to redecorate a room in your house? Or maybe you want to move and have been thinking about how your next home should look. If you are bored with your old design and want to try something new, you should consider panelling your walls. Panelling is a great way to cover your walls, bringing many advantages to your home, as the look will be enhanced, and you will also benefit from improved insulation and acoustics. 

This feature was introduced first in the 15th century as a way to insulate cold stone rooms. Nowadays, besides this advantage, wood panelling is also used to upgrade dull interiors, and it is a characteristic of modern homes. 

Here are the main benefits of wood wall panelling. 

Great aesthetic

One of the greatest advantages of wooden wall panels is their fantastic aesthetic. These panels will bring a touch of style and improve any space’s look. Also, because they are made from a natural material, they will create a modern, calm, and inviting atmosphere in every room of your house. 

Wooden panels look expensive and neat, giving your house a unique appearance. Also, as they come in a variety of types, you have many options from where to choose something suitable for you. Wooden panels go well with all kinds of furniture and will brighten up dull interior designs. They add depth and detail and are an easy way to elevate the look of your house.

As wooden wall panels are very popular at the moment, you have many models from which to choose. For example, beadboard or shiplap panels add dimension and texture to a wall, while raised panels work great for a more colonial-style home. Also, you should consider the material and type of wood if you want wooden wall panels. Dark natural wood finishes, like wenge and walnut, are an excellent choice if you want a moody and sophisticated space. On the other hand, something lighter, like white oak panels, will add warmth, and your room will look bright and welcoming. 

Improved insulation

Besides the enhanced look of a room, wooden wall panels are also very functional, as they improve insulation. Wood is a natural insulator that does a fantastic job of preventing cold from entering your room and heat from leaking out. 

Because of that, it plays a great role in keeping your home cool during the hot summer days and warm during the cold season. With the help of wooden wall panelling, you will have the chance to save energy and have reduced energy bills. This is why investing in it is a wise idea. If you are interested in wooden wall panels, you should take a look at Akuwoodpanel.uk, as the site has fantastic options that will bring many advantages to your house. 

Enhanced acoustics

Insulation doesn’t work just to keep a good temperature in the room but also works on sound. This is why adding wood panels to your house is a great alternative to enhance acoustics. So, if you are dealing with echoes and want to improve the acoustics in your space, wooden panels are the perfect solution. The wall panelling absorbs sound both from inside and outside, so you can enjoy silence and tranquillity. 

Easy installation

Wooden wall panels are very easy to install and great to cover any imperfection your walls might have. In many cases, the installation component is a major factor that makes people postpone their home improvement projects. Home remodelling tends to be time-consuming and tedious, and you need to hire a professional to help you with all these operations. But luckily, wooden wall panelling doesn’t fit in this category, and it is easy to install. And because of this factor, if you consider yourself willing to put in the work, you can install it yourself. 

Wood panels need less preparatory work compared to wallpaper and paint. This is because you don’t need to prepare the wall beforehand. For example, if you want to paint your walls, you must apply multiple coats and wait some time for them to dry. But if you install wood panels, you can move into your room as soon as possible, saving you money and time. 


If you opt for wooden wall panels, you will improve your home’s look and make an environmentally conscious decision. The materials used for wooden wall panelling come from sustainable sources, and because of that, this product is an eco-friendly option. The materials don’t have harsh chemicals, so the panels are recyclable and biodegradable even if you consider removing them. 

Wood is more eco-friendly than other materials, like cement or brick. As it comes from a renewable source, it will not harm the environment more and add to pollution. However, some have reservations about wood because of the ecological impact of the tree-cutting process. In that case, you need to know that other solutions are also on the market, like reclaimed wood panelling.

Reclaimed wood is recycled from old furnishings and buildings and doesn’t harm the tree-cutting process. Because of that, it is a sustainable choice for your home. 

Final words

There are many benefits that wood wall panelling brings, and we can see why this alternative has been incorporated in many homes, restaurants, offices or retail spaces. Although in the past, wall panelling indicated wealth and was associated with the upper class, now, this is not the case anymore. Today, you will find affordable options that will enhance the look of your house. Also, because wood has excellent sound-absorbing and insulation capabilities, it brings many benefits, as it is an energy-efficient option. Wood panelling will improve the look of your home, so it is an excellent choice for your next renovation project. 


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