How To Maintain Your AC in Great Working Condition?


Your air conditioner plays a very important role in keeping your home cool and comfortable all summer long. Without it working as it should, the long and hot summer days can be very challenging to get through. Most of us don’t think about our air conditioners all winter long, and then simply turn it on once the hot weather approaches.

But over time your air conditioner will be less effective, especially if you don’t maintain it. As a result, there may come a time when you go to turn on your air conditioner, and it simply doesn’t work. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to keep your AC in great condition, and this article is going to go over a few of them.

Get it Inspected and Maintained Annually



The best way to keep your AC in working order for as long as possible is to get it inspected by professionals (learn more at Morris Jenkins). They will send someone out to check out your system, test it, and make sure everything is working as it should.

They can make changes if need be, and also discover potential issues that, if left alone, could go on to become major problems. Having a professional come out gives you peace of mind, and gives you confidence that your system is working well. In most cases, even if you don’t think anything is wrong, you should have someone come out and inspect the system once a year at least.

Keep the Filters From Getting Dirty and Clogged

Your air filter is one of the most important parts of your air conditioner. It helps to keep dust and dirt out of your system and can even improve air quality. But over time, your air filter will become clogged up and dirty. As it gets clogged, it forces your air conditioner to work harder to push air throughout the home, which can lessen its lifespan.

By changing out the filter, you can ensure the system doesn’t work harder than it needs to. As far as how often to change your air filter, it depends on a couple of factors. First, it depends on the kind of filter you have. Some can last a few months, while others need to be replaced monthly. Also, if you have pets or dogs, expect to change out the filters more frequently.

Ensure the Cool Air has a Clear Path in Your Home

Another good idea when it comes to keeping your air conditioner in great shape is to make sure that the cool air has a clear path throughout your home. This often begins with your ductwork. If your ducts are clogged up with debris, it can lead to your system being overworked. Also, if your ducts have gaps or leaks, it may let cool air escape before it gets to the rooms you are trying to cool. Take time to perform some duct testing if you are worried about them harming the efficiency of your system.

In addition to your ducts, blocking or closing the vents and registers throughout your home can block or restrict the ability for cool air to flow. Make sure that things like clothing, furniture, boxes, or any other type of decor are not sitting on top of and covering vents.

In conclusion, these tips will be able to help you keep your air conditioner working well and help it last as long as possible.


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