Kilt Accessories | What type of accessories to wear with a Kilt?


Kilt Accessories

The kilt as we know it today originated in the first quarter of the eighteenth century. A full kilt comprises quite a few items than the kilt itself, which are often known as Kilt accessories. If you are new to wearing kilts this blog is for you, it will guide you on what type of accessories you can wear with a kilt. This blog will attempt to detail different types of accessories you can wear with a kilt. So, without further ado let’s get started.

Kilt Shirts | Look Ultra Stylish Step out in your favorite Kilt

The foremost and basic accessory to be worn with a kilt is a shirt. Following are the basic types of Kilt Shirts worn with it:

The Ghillie Shirt 

Ghillie Shirts also known as Jacobite Shirts are the more traditional type of shirts to be worn with a kilt. They are cozy and lightweight shirts, characterized by the lacing around the neck. Additionally, they are best for warmer summer days. The lace around the neck can be tied in knots or it can be left loose and hanging.

Victorian Collar Shirt

The more formal type of shirt you can wear with a kilt. Victorian Collar shirts are simple and plain shirts, to enhance your kilt these shirts are kept simple by avoiding busy patterns. It has a comfortable, yet structured collar that will not wilt and will keep you looking fresh the entire time you wear it. 

Sporrans | The best add-on to your kilt accessory

There is a huge variety of Sporrans we offer, the most important accessory to complete your kilt look. If you want to have detailed information about Sporrans you must have a look at our Kilt Sporran blog. The Sporrans you choose to wear depends on a variety of factors, occasion, your outfit additionally your personal preference matters a lot. The Scottish Sporrans serve the purpose of keeping the belongings safe as Kilt has no pockets. Sporrans are carried out, as it simply links around the waist.

It also includes links using a chain or a sporran belt, and it loops through the hooks on the kilt. Sporrans are available in a large form of styles to pick out from our shop.

Tartan Trew’s & Scarves

The traditional Tartan Trews and trousers are the cultural wearing of Scottish men for centuries that is an outfit to cover the lower portion of the belly and legs. This tartan dress date back to1538 as a medieval style of woven tartan cloth trousers as a garment preferably used during the Highland winter where the kilt would be impractical in such cold and chilling weather. It fully fits every event and occasion by adding grace to the personality. We offer a large number of varieties with various choices of colors and sizes.


You can also find the perfect Scottish Hat here at Scottish Kilt. The caps are made from top quality, totally pure wool, and available in several different styles and sizes. We also offer specially designed and authentic Scottish traditional neck-wears for every season that goes according to the weather by enhancing your prominence and social status. Scottish Scarves with guaranteed purity are available in different sizes and colors to facilitate your selection process and make it more convenient. These tartan scarves are made from pure lambswool.

Fly Plaid & Kilt Brooch

These are fantastically crafted and are completely useful for your complete traditionally kilt look. Kilt Brooch is intended to apply weight to your Fly Plaid by giving you a unique and stylish look. This is not only purposeful but also long-lasting as we made high-quality kilt flies that are sure to last for years.


We are offering a wide range of textile colors and quality brooches to complete your traditional kilt look. Plaid flies reach far past Scottish heritage, extending as far back as Roman times, but they have become an integral part of the kilt-wearing culture.

Tartan Ties & Tartan Bows

Ties are a necessary addition to any business wear, and the tartan ties add a little influence to subtly show off your heritage and Scottish pride through a classic accessory. The ties come with a large variety of tartan patterns, so your family name or tartan of your liking is sure to be included. Tartan Ties can fit with any kilt or formal wear, being an extremely versatile accessory and allowing you to put a Scottish twist on your outfits.

We also provide a range of bow ties for a different look. Tartan Bow Ties are an elegant replacement for normal straight ties if you’re looking to stand out. They are an excellent addition to any business or formal wear, giving a subtle Scottish twist. With the tartan bow ties, they can be accessorized with various kilt outfits. The bow ties come with various tartan patterns, so a tartan of your preference is sure to be found. 

Kilt Belt and Buckles

Kilt Belt and buckles are always worn with a formal look. If you are wearing a waistcoat, then these traditionally designed belts and buckles are for you to keep your kilt fastened and in shape. Made with genuine leather for a satisfactory high finish, and comes with various choices of silver chrome buckles to complete the look.

The Buckles come in Celtic or Highland patterns for a conventional style. The belt needs to be at least two inches in width, if no longer for style then for your comfort.

Kilt Pins & Flashes

Kilt Pins are the most purposeful and also stylish accessory that you can wear with a kilt. They look fanatically trendy and stylish. The purpose of these pins is to keep the front of your kilt safe and secure by not flying in the breeze. Next time when you are leaving home wearing your favorite kilt do wear these kilt pins from the Scottish Kilt shop.

They are occasionally known as Flasher as well. These are the ribbons of tartan material matched with your kilt hanging on your kilt hose. Our collection has got a wide range of Kilt Flashes which can go with your attire to make it look more classic.

Kilt Hose & Brogues

Kilt Socks are also known as kilt Hose. While thinking about kilt accessories you must consider thinking about kilt socks as they are available in the exceeding style of designs. These socks are to be worn according to the style of the shoes you choose to wear. They are available in different styles and colors which can be matched with your kilt.


Do you want a formal look wearing a kilt? ghillie brogues are the more formal and traditional Scottish shoes. They are comfortable and trendy shoes having laces to be tied toward the upward direction on your socks. As no look is complete without the perfect footwear these shoes are the best to complete your kilt look.

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