Excellent Tips to Grow and Care for your Succulents

Grow and Care

Succulents are beautiful plants. They have thickened skin and retain water in their bodies. Some people keep them to improve the air quality of their homes or offices, and sometimes they keep them for ornamental purposes. If you have immense love for succulents, you can buy bulk succulents. Succulents should be taken care of, and they are sensitive to some environmental factors. Here is how you can take good care of them.

Proper Sunlight

You need to provide proper sunlight to your succulents. Not too much, neither too less; just the perfect and balanced amount. Sometimes the succulents are not getting the appropriate amount of sunlight, and that’s when they wilt. A lot of people ask, how do we know if our plant is getting enough sunlight or not? Should we place our plants in more sunlight? The answer to this question is straightforward. If your plant is etiolated, which means it is stretched and erect, you don’t have to place it in sunlight anymore. It is a sign that your plant is getting enough sunlight. 

You don’t have to place your plants in direct sunlight all day because too much sunlight will burn the plant. If your plant is burned, put it in indirect sunlight as soon as you notice the changes. You have to place your plant for only 2 to 3 hours in the daylight, depending upon the size of the plant. 

Watering the Plants is the Key

Water should also be given in adequate amounts. If you give too much water, your plants will start turning yellow, giving off a mushy appearance. Succulent plants need very little water. You have to water them one time in 2 weeks or twice a month. They also start to die if you are watering them every day. If you do not water them twice a month, they will begin to die. So, you must remember that you have to be very specific about watering your succulent plants.

Too much and too little water will kill the plant.

Soil Enrichment

The soil you are growing should be well-drained and have nutrients in it. Please add compost to your ground as well. You can also make your compost home by adding dried leaves, fruits & vegetable peels, and a few tablespoons of buttermilk. Allow it to assemble for a few weeks, and then you can add your homemade compost to your soil. 

Right Pot for Your Succulents

Many problems emerge when people randomly plant succulents on their lawns & the land. This is the biggest mistake one can make. You have to buy a pot from a professional shop and then plant your succulents in it. They grow best in mud and plastic pots. You have to make sure that the pots are perforable at the ends.

Concluding It Up!

Succulents are sensitive plants, and they need rigorous care. If they are not provided with proper care, they will start to die. Precision is the key. All the details of their care processes are mentioned above. 


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