9 Modern Simple Kitchen Design You Should Check Before You Build


In urban apartments, there are space limitations. So, every inch should get into usage with proper functionality. Following that, modern kitchen design can be changed to cope with small space, and heavy functionality while looking stylish, cool, and sleek. If you’re building a house or remodeling, then probably you’ll need to read this modern simple kitchen design. 

In the kitchen, we not only eat or cook, we relax, gossip or spend quality time there. So, the design should be comfortable, eye-catching, and with proper functions. It’s not like making a modern kitchen design, you’ve to make drastic changes! Just changing fewer details or adding some small accessories can create your aesthetic and your dream kitchen! 

What is Modern Kitchen Design?

The main purpose of modern kitchen design is proper functionality while looking excellent. Plus, modern kitchen design requires minimalistic design using bold or extraordinary color combinations.

You can create your aesthetic design according to your entire house’s circumstances. One thing to keep in mind, natural lighting is the key to achieving modern kitchen design. Natural light gives the illusion of spacious space which is awesome! Let’s see the modern kitchen design London

  1. Minimalistic Designed Kitchen Cabinets 

The motto of modern kitchens UK is clean, minimalistic, void of extra accessories or simply saying doing as little as possible. Wia the natural palate kitchen, a handle-less slab-door kitchen cabinet will match very well. It’ll look stylish, add smooth flow to the kitchen and match the idea of modern kitchen design perfectly. 

If you don’t want to change your entire cabinet, you can simply change the cabinet doors into handleless doors. In the modern kitchen, most of the colors are used white, gray tones or neutral colors. However, using dark and soft color contrast is now a modern technique to grab attention.  

  1. Lots of Woodworks

You can use wood on the floor of the kitchen, cabinet or as any accessories. In modern kitchen design, raw material like wood is used like hot cake to bring out an aesthetic and traditional look. You’ve to use a smoothened wood surface or cabinet to make the exact appearance. 

  1. Clear Countertops

Keeping the countertops clear is the basic rule of the modern kitchen. Keep the countertop clean and clear. As mentioned before, if you use a neutral color tone in your kitchen, then it’ll look outstanding if the countertop is clean and it’ll bring dramatic change. Trust me! 

  1. Two-Toned Cabinet Design 

It’s trendy now to use two color combinations in the modern kitchen style. It looks very simple, minimalistic, and stylish yet extremely eye-catching. Keep in mind that the color combination should be in contrast like white and sage green. 

  1. Backsplash Design 

Using tiles is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your kitchen to a modern design. Reflective materials like glass, ceramics or metal, stone, or marble can come in use to do backsplash design. The best option will be metallic finished ceramic tiles. It’ll give you a shine, shimmer, and glamorous look and boost the design utmost! 

  1. Using Bold Colors

One of the dramatic ways to create the simplest and quietest modern design is to play with bold colors. You can experiment with a bold color contrast with neutral tones. Bold colors like glossy blue, orange, red, green, black or silver with a soft hue. Like maroon color with white, blue with gray. So, the color combination will look more appealing. 

  1. Enhance the Decor of Green

Add some wall racks to the open space of the kitchen wall. Place some artificial or small plants on those racks, it’ll enhance the aesthetic look of the kitchen. 

  1. Open Layout

Don’t want your kitchen to look cluttered or stagnant? Open space like an L-shaped kitchen design will help to make your kitchen look more spacious and less claustrophobic. Keep one wall side exposed while designing your modern kitchen. 

  1. Fancy Touch 

If you want a fancy and luxurious touch in your modern kitchen, you may change your kitchen-related furniture. You can add wooden furniture or metal chairs contrasted in color with the floor. Always remember to contrast the color of furniture with cabinets, shelves, and floor. 

Final Verdict 

You already have some ideas about how modern kitchen design works or how they look. You have ample scopes for creating new designs matching your aesthetic taste and transforming your kitchen into your dream modern kitchen. 

If you choose neutral color tones like white, gray, or soft tones, you already have achieved the requirements of a modern kitchen aesthetic. Keep it as simple as possible, less cluttered, minimalist furniture design with clean countertop finishing! Ta-da! You got your modern kitchen design.


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